The industry has been lightly regulated historically, but increased interest has led to a substantial increase in government regulation around the world. Fortunately, Belize is one of the simplest, most inexpensive, and reputable places to obtain a foreign exchange trading license in the world. Our team of licensing experts based in Belize can help you...

Registering a new business may be a headache for many given its complexity and difficulty, especially for a country like Belize.  In fact, you may be wondering what are the steps to open business in Belize!  In this article, Tetra Consultants will alleviate your struggles and concerns by providing a simple guide on how to...

Belize, a Central American country, is a well-known location for many to consider incorporating their company in. The country’s attractive tax regime and Free Zones allows foreign investors to maximise their profits, enticing more firms to register company in Belize. The country’s main economic activities lie primarily in the tourism and exports of food products,...

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