South Korea corporate bank account opening

Tetra Consultants assists our international clients with South Korea corporate bank account opening. After understanding more about your business, our team of experts will advise on suitable banks which you may wish to consider.


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    Open corporate bank account in South Korea

    Tetra Consultants assists our international clients to open South Korea corporate bank account for their newly-established companies after 韩国公司注册. Over the years, we have established working relationships and partnerships with reputable Korean banks such as Woori Bank, Korea Development BankKEB Hana Bank. As such, our banking experts are familiar with the different requirements and expectations of each bank.

    Most South Korean do not require our international clients to travel to South Korean for bank meetings. In most cases, the account opening process will be conducted through video conference calls or video calls. As most Korean banks speak Korean, Tetra Consultants will act as your translator throughout the interviews to prevent miscommunication among all parties.

    If your business activity is classified as high risk, there is a chance that South Korean banks will invite you to a face-to-face interview in South Korea. In this situation, Tetra Consultants will accompany our clients to the bank meeting, ensuring a seamless account opening process. Alternatively, our international clients can appoint Tetra Consultants’ local nominee director. Our nominee will attend the bank meetings on your behalf to prevent any engagement delay.


    As your business will be classified as a local company, there will not be much difficulty securing the bank account. Coupled with the preparation of a business plan and required due diligence documents in advance, Tetra Consultants expects our international clients to have access to the bank account and internet banking within 4 周注册申请。参阅 此网页 to find out how Tetra Consultants manages to open each corporate bank account within stipulated deadlines.

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