ChinaDemystifying the Process: A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a Business License China

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  • Executing a business for foreign companies has been very tough and challenging. The country has complex and complicated legal rules and regulations which makes it tough for foreign entrepreneurs to operate their businesses and obtain business license in China. To commence a business an entrepreneur first needs to register company in China in order to legally comply with the Chinese legislative framework. There have been some recent amendments to the legal framework of the country in order to make it more business-friendly and also to attract foreign investors. However, the reforms are not enough and are not conducted at the expected speed, but significant changes since 2018 have been noted. 
  • There were many unnecessary license and certification requirements that have been cut down into five-in-one business licenses. Obtaining these five-in-one business licenses in China is not easy and takes a lot of legal and documentation processes to comply with the rules and regulations of Chinese authorities. The process is becoming easier and faster than before but is still not that easy and involves complex rules and laws which might create trouble in understanding for normal humans. 
  • Despite all these ups and downs, the Chinese market is a great opportunity for foreign companies who want to expand their business. China still represents one of the most appealing and rewarding markets in the world because of its high population. Even though having a business license in China is not always necessary for every business, it is always recommended to have the business license as it allows the company to make use of some essential benefits provided to the company which includes operating more thoroughly in China.  
  • The country has put many restrictions on foreign companies and the only way to eliminate these restrictions involves obtaining business licenses in China as the business license is obtained. All the limitations are lifted after which the company with total freedom can operate thoroughly in China and can also execute marketing activities in the Chinese market. Thus, a business license is required in China for many reasons, some of which include performing cross-border business, increasing potential revenue generation, reaching the audience, executing marketing programs, and building customer relationships. 
  • Tetra Consultants have a team of experienced and qualified personnel who can help you in obtaining business licenses along with that we can also assist you in a variety of business activities that will help in the expansion and growth of your business. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a Business License in China

A business license is a permit by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) to operate a business in the jurisdiction. There are several steps involved while obtaining a business license which are as follows: 

Step 1: Determine the business license

  • The business first needs to familiarize itself with the standard business licenses needed to function the business activities in China. The licenses contain information regarding the business such as the registered name, address, type of business, industry, unified social credit number, and business license number. 

Step 2: Prepare the required document

  • As a company applying for a business license in China, the company needs to prepare documents regarding the shareholders, directors, and executives list. The company to operate legally in China needs to follow a key structure that includes corporate shareholders, individual shareholders, legal representative chinese people, legal representative nonresidents, supervisor chinese people, supervisor nonresidents, and a financial manager. Along with this structure, the required documents include a letter of commitment of establishment of foreign investment enterprise, a letter of attorney for an appointed or authorized agent, foreign company registration application, information of legal representative, information of executive director, information of supervisor, situations of investors, the letter of attorney of services of legal documents of foreign investment enterprise, commitment of the registry authority, letter of attorney of application of company seals, and more such documents. 

Step 3: Application for a business license

  • After compiling all the prescribed documents and setting the business structure according to the legal framework the application for a business license in China can be submitted to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. The application is needed to be duly signed and submitted within the time frame mentioned by the governmental authorities. Once the business license is issued there presents additional licenses that your company might need to operate and must be applied for. The additional licenses may vary depending on the business activity and the state. 

Step 4: Register with the Public Security Bureau (PSB)

  • Once the license is approved, the company needs to get registered with the Public Security Bureau which helps the company to get company chops. In China, chops are equivalent to the signature. Thus, if a company does not have chops it is not possible for that company to enter into any contract or to validate any contract. 

Step 5: Open a bank account

  • For a business to run successfully in China, the company needs to open a corporate bank account in any nationalized bank of China which will help the company to regulate the funds and also in the financial transactions. The business license in China is also an important document that is required while opening a bank account, Tetra Consultants can help you with corporate bank account opening services which will be helpful and will be eliminating troubles while opening a bank account.


  • Although China is a market of great opportunities and growth it is still difficult to operate in the Chinese market because of the legal framework and high competition in the market. There are many documentations and compliance requirements while applying for business licenses in China. Obtaining a five-in-one business license is not an easy process and is quite complex and tough for many companies. Thus, businesses can seek assistance from Tetra Consultants. 
  • Contact us to know more about how to register a company in China and to apply for business licenses in China. Our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours. Tetra consultants provide services that might help you with business growth and expansion and also provide seamless assistance to companies to expand business operations. We provide a wide range of services to provide a comprehensive range of services to satisfy our client’s needs. Our services include offshore company incorporation, obtaining offshore financial licenses, international trademark registration, and other ancillary services. Tetra Consultants have made it much easier to conduct business in China through their services and assistance.

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