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  • Company Setup Kuala Lumpur provides businesses with access to the largest city and national capital of Malaysia, a bustling economic hub. Located in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur is one of Asia’s fastest-growing metros, renowned for its affordable cost of living, top-notch healthcare, and efficient transport system. The city boasts a modern, industrialized urban landscape, including the iconic Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers globally. 
  • Tetra Consultants offers offshore company incorporation services, helping businesses establish themselves in Kuala Lumpur’s flourishing sectors like tourism, retail, and finance. With an international airport and extensive road and rail networks, the city is highly connected. Businesses can take advantage of this vibrant setting while enjoying a luxurious standard of living. Partner with Tetra Consultants to register company in Malaysia‘s capital and tap into its tremendous opportunities. 

Advantages for company setup in Kuala Lumpur 

Stable economy 

  • Malaysia offers a stable economy with a GDP growth rate exceeding 5%, attracting foreign investors and companies. This economic stability provides a reliable environment for business growth and investment opportunities across various sectors.  
  • Government policies aimed at maintaining economic consistency contribute to Malaysia’s appeal as a prime destination for business setup and expansion. A secure and predictable market supports the successful development and sustained growth of businesses. 

Educated workforce 

  • Malaysia boasts a highly educated workforce, offering businesses access to skilled professionals that enhance productivity and efficiency. This well-educated labour force supports competitiveness across industries, contributing to the country’s reputation as a business hub.  
  • The emphasis on education ensures businesses can acquire the talent needed for success. Malaysia’s commitment to nurturing an intelligent workforce positions it as an ideal location for leveraging local talent. 

Pro-active government 

  • The Malaysian government actively supports businesses and works to improve the business environment. Policies favouring entrepreneurship and innovation foster growth and sustainability across sectors. Initiatives like tax incentives, grants, and subsidies attract investments, streamlining the business setup process.  
  • Malaysia’s pro-active government ensures a supportive landscape for enterprises to thrive, offering assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs and enhancing Malaysia’s appeal for business establishment and expansion. 

Improving infrastructure 

  • Malaysia’s significant infrastructure improvements make business operations smoother and more efficient. Investments in transportation, telecommunications, and utilities boost connectivity and accessibility. A strong infrastructure supports industries, facilitating seamless logistics and communication within and beyond Malaysia’s borders.  
  • Advanced facilities and reliable services enable daily operations and growth, making Malaysia a competitive destination for businesses seeking a strategic, well-connected location in Southeast Asia. 

Business opportunities 

  • Malaysia provides abundant business opportunities, attracting local and foreign enterprises. Its diverse market and strategic location offer avenues for success, particularly for companies that operate smartly.  
  • Malaysia’s high business success rate is driven by supportive policies and an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Businesses can capitalize on the country’s business-friendly environment to establish and expand operations, achieving sustainable growth and making significant strides in their industries. 

Steps for company setup in Kuala Lumpur 

Step 1: Choose company name 

  • As the initial step, Tetra Consultants will proceed with name reservation services to help you select a unique and available company name for your business in Kuala Lumpur. Through our services, you can secure a registered name for your business, ensuring it complies with local regulations. Additionally, we offer international trademark registration services to legally protect your brand name worldwide. 

Step 2: Choose business structure 

  • Tetra Consultants will then proceed to guide you through the selection of the most suitable business structure for your company setup in Kuala Lumpur. Options include a private limited company (Sdn Bhd), offshore company, partnership, or public limited company. We will help you understand the benefits of each structure and choose the best one for your business goals. 

Step 3: Comply with pre-requirements 

  • While setting company in Kuala Lumpur there are various requirements which are required to be complied with for legal operation of the company. The statutory requirement may vary depending on the business structure chosen. Thus, for Private limited company in Kuala Lumpur have various statutory requirements which are as follows: 
  • A company must have at least one resident director who is a natural person with their principal place of residence in Malaysia. 
  • At least one shareholder is required, and there are no residency requirements. 
  • Each company must appoint at least one company secretary within 30 days of incorporation, who must be a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia residing in the country. 
  • The minimum paid-up capital required for a private limited company is RM 1.00. 
  • Companies must prepare audited financial statements and lodge annual returns within specific timelines. 
  • Companies must keep accounting records, profit and loss accounts, and balance sheets in order. 
  • Companies must notify the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) of any changes in company particulars within 14 days. 

Step 4: Register the company 

  • Further, after ensuring all requirements are met, our experts will proceed to register your company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) within 30 days of name approval. This step formalizes your business setup in Kuala Lumpur and allows you to begin operations efficiently and in full compliance with local regulations. 

Step 5: Prepare required documents 

  • Initiating this step, Tetra Consultants can assist you with the legal drafting of necessary documents for compliance with rules and regulations. This includes preparing and submitting the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A), along with Forms 9, 24, and 49. Our experts ensure that all documentation meets the required standards for a smooth company setup in Kuala Lumpur. 

Step 6: Open a corporate bank account 

  • After registering your business, Tetra Consultants will open a corporate bank account for you through our corporate bank account opening services. This allows you to secure a bank account for your company within 4 weeks of incorporation, partnering with various reputable banks. 


  • Setting up a company in Kuala Lumpur offers a wealth of opportunities in Malaysia’s vibrant and dynamic capital. With Tetra Consultants as your trusted partner, you can navigate the complex process seamlessly, from selecting a unique business name to obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation and opening a corporate bank account.  
  • Our team provides expert guidance at every step, ensuring full compliance with local regulations and efficient registration with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). Take advantage of Kuala Lumpur’s thriving business environment by partnering with Tetra Consultants for a successful and streamlined company setup. 
  • Contact us to know more about UK limited company and our team will revert back in 24 hours. 

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