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  • The China entrepreneur visa, officially known as the Private Residence Permit (entrepreneurship) visa, has been undergoing pilot programs since 2018, with Shenzhen joining in as of 2021. This visa initiative aims to attract and empower skilled entrepreneurs to establish their businesses within China’s borders. Essentially, it enables foreigners to reside in China while engaging in lawful business activities, such as conducting market research, securing office space, recruiting personnel, and handling administrative tasks necessary for setting up a business, often a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise). 
  • Typically, obtaining a work permit in China necessitates sponsorship from an existing company before arrival. However, under the entrepreneur visa, individuals can establish their companies, after which they can apply for a work permit with their newly incorporated entity acting as the sponsor. If you are venturing to China to set up a new business for the long term, this process allows you to stay legally in the country during the incorporation phase. 
  • To navigate this process smoothly, one can rely on services such as visa application assistance from Tetra Consultants, which cater to various visa needs depending on individual requirements. This involves not only securing the entrepreneur visa but also facilitating the incorporation process to register company in China. 

What are the benefits of China Entrepreneur Visa? 

The China Entrepreneur Visa, officially known as the Private Residence Permit entrepreneurship visa, offers numerous benefits to skilled and talented entrepreneurs looking to establish businesses in China. Here are the key benefits: 

Access to China’s blooming market: 

  • Possessing the China Entrepreneur Visa offers entrepreneurs an unparalleled gateway into one of the globe’s largest and most rapidly expanding markets. With access to Mainland China, individuals can tap into a dynamic audience spanning from tech aficionados to discerning luxury consumers. This burgeoning market presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and innovation across diverse industries. Entrepreneurs leveraging this visa not only gain entry to China’s vast consumer base but also position themselves strategically amidst a landscape ripe for exploration and advancement. 

Networking and collaborating opportunities: 

  • Possessing an Entrepreneur Visa unlocks access to a plethora of business events, conventions, and trade shows across Mainland China, fostering invaluable networking prospects and fostering potential collaborations with both local and international enterprises. By participating in these gatherings, visa holders can forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and explore potential synergies with industry peers. These opportunities not only enhance market visibility and credibility but also pave the way for strategic partnerships and business expansion initiatives within China’s dynamic and rapidly evolving economic landscape. 

Legal right to live and work in China 

  • The Entrepreneur Visa confers entrepreneurs with the legal entitlement to reside and conduct business operations in China. This authorization empowers visa holders to establish and manage companies, oversee day-to-day operations, and cultivate business partnerships within the country’s thriving economic environment. With this visa, entrepreneurs can navigate regulatory frameworks confidently, ensuring compliance while seizing opportunities for growth and expansion within the Chinese market. 

Encouragements to innovators and start-ups: 

  • The Entrepreneur Visa is designed to incentivize talented entrepreneurs to bolster China’s economy through innovative business ventures, fostering a dynamic startup culture within the nation’s vibrant ecosystem. By attracting skilled individuals with groundbreaking ideas, the visa program aims to stimulate economic growth and drive forward-thinking initiatives. This initiative not only supports the establishment of startups but also encourages the development of pioneering solutions and technologies that contribute to China’s competitiveness on the global stage. Through this visa, entrepreneurs are empowered to make meaningful contributions to China’s innovation landscape, fueling progress and prosperity.  

Who can apply for China Entrepreneur Visa? 

  • When comparing the entrepreneurship visa to other types of visas in China, one notable distinction is the absence of an age limit. While most China visas typically have an age cap of 60, the entrepreneurship visa is open to individuals of all age groups. 
  • To qualify for an entrepreneurship visa, applicants must satisfy specific criteria: 
  • Present an innovative business plan and demonstrate a commitment to investing in it. In some cases, agreeing to work in a business incubator upon arrival might be necessary. 
  • Foreign students enrolled in a Chinese university with an innovative business plan linked to government-designated science and technology parks, incubators, and maker spaces in areas such as Changning and Yangpu in Shanghai. 
  • Recent high-achieving graduates from esteemed universities in China or abroad who have made notable strides in innovation and entrepreneurship. These graduates must have completed their studies within the last two years. 

How to acquire China Entrepreneur Visa? 

To acquire China Entrepreneur Visa you will need to follow the following steps which are as follows: 

Step 1: Initial research and preparation 

  • Tetra Consultants will assist your journey of acquiring Entrepreneur Visa by helping with the initial research and preparation. Our experts will delve into the specific regional nuances of your targeted location, analysing local regulations, industry dynamics, and potential obstacles. Thoroughly compile all required documents, meticulously verifying their completeness and accuracy. This meticulous approach ensures a solid foundation for your business launch, aligning with Tetra Consultants’ commitment to facilitating seamless market entry and compliance, thereby optimizing your chances for success within the Chinese business landscape. 

Step 2: Application submission 

  • Next, Tetra Consultants will assist you in completing and submitting the requisite visa application forms at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. Our experienced advisors will guide you through the process, ensuring all documentation is accurately prepared and presented. It is imperative to keep copies of all submitted documents for your records, and Tetra Consultants emphasizes this for transparency and future reference. 

Step 3: Visa interviews and documentation 

  • Prepare to passionately articulate your business plan during the visa interview, demonstrating its viability and potential for success. Tetra Consultants will further equip you with strategies to effectively communicate your vision and objectives, ensuring a compelling presentation. Additionally, we will assist you in preparing supplementary documents to substantiate your application, enhancing its credibility and completeness. 

Step 4: Visa approval and insurance 

  • Upon approval, Tetra Consultants ensures the swift collection of your visa and meticulously verifies all details for accuracy. Rest assured, the granted visa provides you with the lawful right to reside and work within Mainland China. Furthermore, once we receive all your visa documents, we prioritize efficiency and transparency by promptly couriering them to you within the minimum timeframe. With Tetra Consultants managing this process, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your visa matters are handled with precision and diligence. 

What are the documents required to acquire China Entrepreneur Visa? 

  • There are various documents required to obtain China Entrepreneur Visa which may vary depending on various factors. If you require an extensive list of documents which is required for to apply for Entrepreneur Visa in China our experts at Tetra Consultants can provide you with that. The generalized list of documents required is as follows: 
  • Investment Certification Forms it includes capital verification report to demonstrate proof of investment. 
  • Application letter which outlines your business plan and reasons to choose China. 
  • Innovative business plan to present a well-thought-out business idea that contributes to China’s economy. 
  • Education background of applicant as graduates of Chinese universities, foreign students, and recent high-calibre graduates from top universities in China or abroad are eligible for the visa. 


  • Securing the China Entrepreneur Visa with Tetra Consultants not only provides legal access to China’s thriving market but also opens doors to a suite of complementary services. Beyond visa application assistance, Tetra Consultants offer a range of services including corporate bank account opening, offshore financial licenses, and offshore company incorporation. These comprehensive offerings empower individuals and companies to establish themselves successfully within China’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry into the market. 
  • Contact us to know more about China Entrepreneur Visa and our experts will revert back in 24 hours. 

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