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  • Starting a business in Poland can be exciting and rewarding for the future endeavor. It is crucial to understand the legal requirements that come with establishing a business in Poland. An individual must register company in Poland in order to fulfill all the legal requirements of any company to start a business in Poland. The country has a strategic and steady location which is majorly preferred by business owners and investors. 
  • There present various advantages enjoyed by those businesses registered in Poland. Business registration in Poland involves an efficient registration process that makes businesses easy while registering. Other advantages of business registration in Poland include access to the European market as Polish companies have access to the European market without any registration which provides a distinctive advantage that helps the businesses to grow and expand. Further, the political and economic stability enhances Poland’s working environment. 
  • As the 5th most populous country in the world, there present various opportunities and a resourceful and flexible labor market that will help businesses to execute their operations with less expense would be increasing the profit margin of the business. Along with the flexible labor market, the country also presents friendly immigration laws for highly qualified specialists for enriching the talent pool. In recent times Poland has come up with various legislative amendments which have made Poland a tax haven within the European Union. The businesses can take advantage of R&D and IP BOX incentives which will boost business growth. The business can pay as little as 0-9% of corporate income tax by availing Estonian corporate tax. 
  • Poland has been an attractive place for executing business operations because of its low corruption perceptions index if compared to other European states. Many financial markets recognize Poland as a stable economy. The country has been more reliant on its own internal market rather than on exports thus making the country a crisis-proof country because of its resilience during the global financial crisis. A survey by AHK Poland classified various things which investors care about the most which include labour cost at 42%, quality of supplies at 49%, quality of higher education and productivity of employees at 57%, work skill at 71%, and EU membership at 90%. All these factors have been present in Poland which makes the country one of the most preferred countries for investors and entrepreneurs. 
  • Tetra Consultants have been providing services regarding incorporation and compliance services along with other ancillary services. These services are personalized and designed according to the customer preferences. We have been providing our business services in Poland which can help the foreign entities to establish their business in Poland.Our services are specifically designed for incorporation of businesses in foreign countries and states along with the compliance of the rules and regulations of that country. Additionally, we can provide incorporation services for Poland and can guide about the legal requirements for the company. 

Legal requirements of businesdfp4sh registration in Poland: 

Choose the legal structure of the business: 

  • The first step to take includes identifying and selecting an appropriate legal business structure of the business. Business structures can be of various types such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, private limited company, and many more. The legal requirements of the business depend on the structure of the business. The legal compliances and license requirements vary on the basis of the structure of the business. 

Prepare the necessary documents:  

  • The preparation of necessary documents depends on the kind of business structure chosen. Business registration in Poland necessitates the availability of several documents which are based on whether the Polish company is an individual or corporate entity. 
  • When the shareholders are individuals then the identification of the shareholders that are their ID is necessary and also the duly legalized power of attorney is also required to be accompanied by an apostille or legal verification stamp. 
  • When the shareholders are legal entities then the documents required are the official extract from the local register of companies, parent Company Memorandum of incorporation, identification of members who are becoming board members of the Polish company, identification of mother company representatives, and notarial power of attorney which includes duly legalized power of attorney. 

Business registration in Poland: 

  • Once all the necessary documents are collected and obtained then the process of business registration in Poland can be conducted. Business registration in Poland is managed and regulated by the National court register of Poland. Once the registration takes place in the central register, it is when the company is registered and not at that moment when the company signs the agreement. There are two methods of registering:
  • Registering with a traditional agreement- It requires opening an account in the court registers portal, confirming the portal, and then submitting the application along with the attachment of necessary documents. 
  • Registering with an electronic agreement- The application through this mode is submitted via the S24 system which is a set of self-prepared attachments in PDF format. 

Obtain a business Identification number: 

  • As part of the registration process business registration in Poland provides a unique business identification number which is commonly known as REGON. This number is very important and plays a key role while complying with the laws and during administrative purposes too. 

Open a corporate bank account:

  • The business registered in Poland needs to open a bank account for better maintenance and functioning of funds in the company. The opening of a corporate bank account helps the company to follow the track of the funds and also it helps the authorities to keep track of cash flow in any business through their bank account. Tetra Consultants can help you in the opening of a corporate bank account in Poland which is necessary for this digital age.   


  • It is very important to comply with the rules and regulations of the country in order to eliminate any legal risk to the business. Business registration in Poland is a simple yet complex process through which Tetra Consultants can help you. The legal obligations included various documents of the company which are needed to be obtained and kept safe as they may include various licenses and registration which a business need in order to comply with the legal obligations of the country, along with the legal obligations there present many positive aspects of business registration in Poland which includes reach to the European market, resourceful and flexible workforce and growth and expansion factor which makes Poland a suitable country to execute business. 
  • Contact us to know more about how to register a company in Poland and our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours. Tetra Consultants are always ready to assist and administer you by helping you to develop, commence, or execute your business in a more hassle-free way. Our dedicated team of staff members is experienced and knowledgeable people who have knowledge of the laws and can also help the business to grow. Tetra Consultants also provide various other ancillary services such as corporate bank account opening, offshore financial licenses, nominee director and shareholder services, regulatory compliance consulting, and many more ancillary services.

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