India Company Incorporation: Walkthrough

Ultimate guide on India company incorporation. Our team strives to provide our international clients a one-stop service of all services required to legally conduct business in India. Our incorporation package includes company incorporation, the appointment of a local director, tax registration, and opening a local corporate bank account.



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    How to incorporate company in India?

    Tetra Consultants will assist you with India company incorporation using the methodology below. This is to ensure you are fully aware of the different requirements and regulations for successful company formation in India. In some cases, the company may be required to apply for licenses before it can legally start operations in the country.

    Simply put, we can break down a new company formation in India engagement into three different phases:

    1. Planning & strategy
    2. Incorporation
    3. Bank account opening
    4. Staying compliant

    By systematically following the above three phases, you can expect to start conducting business with your Indian company within 6 weeks.

    1. Planning & strategy

    • For India company incorporation, our team of experts will start with recommending the most suitable business entity depending on your business goals and activities. There are many different types of company registration in India, but private limited company registration is most popular with our foreign clients since it offers ease of incorporation and liability protection.
    • Once we agree on the type of company, Tetra Consultants will advise on the optimum paid-up share capital, regulatory requirements, and whether there is a need for licenses for the intended business activity.
    • Once you are clear on how to open a business in India, Tetra Consultants will proceed to reserve your preferred company name with the Registrar of Companies in India. This will be done through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.
    • Prior to India company incorporation, we will provide you with a company secretary, a local registered address, and a local nominee resident director.
    • Our legal team will draft a nominee director agreement to be signed by all parties, ensuring this nominee is passive and does not have any decision-making power in the company. At the same time, our team will provide the due diligence documents of our nominee, including his passport and proof of address.

    2. Incorporation

    • Tetra Consultants legal team will draft articles of incorporation, a business plan, and other required legal documents for Indian company incorporation.
    • >Additionally, Tetra Consultants will assist foreign directors with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) applications and their requirements.
    • >If the type of entity formed is a Limited Liability Partnership, a Designated Partner Identification Number is necessary. As such, our team of consultants will file the identification number on your behalf.
    • Upon preparation of copies of the signed Article of Association, a business plan, and other legal documents required forIndian company incorporation. Tetra Consultants will proceed ahead to register company in India with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.
    • After the company is officially registered, Tetra Consultants will courier the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Register of Directors/Shareholders, and other corporate documents to your preferred addresses.

    3. Bank account opening

    • Simultaneously, Tetra Consultants will proceed to open a corporate bank account for your newly-incorporated company. You can enjoy leveraging on our extensive banking network and receive your bank account numbers within 4 weeks.
    • Our banking team will open a corporate bank account for your newly-established company with local Indian banks. This ultimately depends on our international clients’ long-term business goals and risk classification. Tetra Consultants will advise our clients on the different requirements and transaction fees of each bank so you are able to make a sound decision.
    • In most cases, the directors and shareholders are not required to travel. However, if travel is required, we will have a representative accompany you to the bank meeting. Alternatively, our team will negotiate with the banks to conduct a conference call instead or to request a waiver.
    • 成功开立银行账户后,特加商务咨询会将网上银行令牌和访问代码快递到您的首选地址。

    4. Staying compliant

    • You can expect Tetra Consultants to secure your newly-incorporated Indian company a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card from the 所得税部门, which is necessary when performing financial transactions in India. In the absence of a Permanent Account Number, you may be charged with an additional withholding tax rate of 20%.
    • Tetra Consultants will timely prepare your firm’s financial statements, corporate tax returns, and bookkeeping on your behalf. Annual filings and tax returns will be timely completed on your behalf before the stipulated deadlines set out by the government.
    • 特加商务咨询将继续为您提供必要的会计和税务服务,以确保您在合法地开展业务的同时遵守监管义务。

    现在联系我们 to find out more about how to incorporate a company in India. Our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours.


    How much does it cost to incorporate company in India?

    • India company incorporation cost ultimately depends on the services you require from Tetra Consultants.
    • Our services include Indian company incorporation, corporate bank account opening, accounting, and tax services as well as provision of nominee directors and shareholders.
    • 特加商务咨询努力使我们的费用尽可能透明,所有参与费用都将在开始参与之前在我们的预约信中明确说明。



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