BVI Yacht Registration

Tetra Consultants offers complete support for BVI yacht registration, managing compliance and essential documentation. Our team of experts ensures a streamlined registration process for a smooth and efficient experience. Trust us to guide you through every step of your BVI yacht registration journey for successful and worry-free results.


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    BVI Yacht Registration

    • BVI yacht registration, a vital step for yacht owners seeking luxury and leisure, particularly those with high net worth or representing multinational corporations. Understanding the essentials of this process is crucial, especially in the context of the British Virgin Islands. Establishing a BVI offshore company can significantly simplify yacht registration procedures. The British Virgin Islands is renowned for its appeal in offshore company incorporation, especially within the maritime sector. The British Registry Port oversees the registration process, ensuring compliance with international standards. Tetra Consultants specialize in aiding clients with BVI yacht registration, offering expertise and guidance for a smooth and efficient process. 

    Advantages of BVI Yacht Registration

    BVI Yacht Registration

    Access to technical expertise:

    • Leveraging membership in the Red Ensign Group, BVI gains access to the technical resources of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, ensuring rigorous survey and certification processes.

    Broad ownership eligibility:

    • BVI welcomes ownership from various jurisdictions, including citizens of BVI, UK, and EU countries, offering inclusivity and flexibility for yacht owners worldwide.

    Cost-effective registration:

    • With low initial and annual fees, BVI registration presents an economical option for yacht owners, optimizing financial resources for other aspects of yacht ownership and operation.

    Global recognition:

    • BVI’s specialized yacht registration ensures worldwide acknowledgment of certificates, facilitating smooth sailing across international waters and ports of call.

    Efficient registration services:

    • BVI streamlines registration processes for ships, mortgages, and ownership changes, providing a seamless experience for yacht owners, with assurance in documentation and legal compliance.

    Comprehensive support services:

    • BVI offers a spectrum of corporate, legal, and logistical services, enriching the yachting experience with convenience and reliability in administrative tasks.

    Stability and judicial system:

    • Political and social stability, coupled with the British judicial system, instill confidence and certainty in legal matters, ensuring a robust framework for yacht ownership and operation.

    Yachting infrastructure:

    • With modern facilities and services, BVI serves as the Caribbean’s premier yachting destination, offering a vibrant maritime environment for yacht owners and enthusiasts alike.

    Can a foreigner proceed for BVI Yacht Registration?

    • Foreigners cannot register as a private owner. They are only eligible via establishing an offshore company in BVI, UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or European Union (EU), and Caribbean Community. Requirements mandate ownership by a BVI offshore company, BVI citizen, or qualifying foreign entity.  As a member of the Red Ensign Group, BVI provides access to UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency resources, bolstering safety measures. 
    • Eligibility under the BVI Shipping Act extends to individuals and entities from various jurisdictions, including the citizens and companies registered in the BVI, UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or European Union (EU), and Caribbean Community. Tetra Consultants offer expert assistance, ensuring compliance with BVI regulations for smooth registration processes.
    • Eligible owners include citizens of the United Kingdom, citizens of the BVI, citizens of the Caribbean Community and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, as well as companies registered in the UK, BVI, European Economic Area (EEA), or European Union (EU).
    • Foreign entities are required to meet vessel eligibility criteria, encompassing a range of vessel types, including yachts weighing up to 3000 gross tons, recreational sailboats and yachts up to 400 gross tons, and commercial and cargo vessels up to 150 gross tons.

    How much time does it take for BVI Yacht Registration?

    • The duration for BVI Yacht Registration varies, generally spanning 1 week. This process entails multiple steps, including documentation submission and approval. Once registered, the validity extends for one year, necessitating yearly renewal. Tetra Consultants offer expert guidance and support throughout the registration process, ensuring efficiency and compliance with BVI regulations for a smooth and timely registration experience.
    • If required, we can incorporate a BVI company under your ownership to hold the vessel. We specialize in expediting to register company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), ensuring completion within just 1 week. Additionally, our services include facilitating the opening of a corporate bank account, which will be available within 4 weeks following the incorporation of your company.
    • With our dedicated assistance, you can efficiently establish your company in the BVI and access essential banking services in a timely manner. Our streamlined approach ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on your business goals with confidence.

    Types of BVI yacht registration

    • The British Virgin Islands (BVI) offer two categories of yacht registration:

    Full Registration

    • Full Registration in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) permits a yacht to fly the BVI flag and constitutes a permanent registration. To proceed with Full Registration, the yacht owner must either establish a BVI offshore company, be a BVI citizen, or qualify as a foreign entity eligible for registration. The registration procedure encompasses engaging a BVI shipping agent, submitting necessary documentation, securing approval for the yacht’s name, obtaining an official number, and fulfilling the registration fee.

    Provisional Registration

    • Provisional Registration in the BVI offers a temporary validity of 90 days and provides an avenue for eventual upgrade to Full Registration upon submission of required documentation. Ideal for individuals requiring immediate use of the yacht while awaiting Full Registration approval, or for those seeking short-term usage, this option offers flexibility. Provisional Registration serves as a convenient interim solution, allowing yacht owners to navigate the waters while finalizing the registration process for long-term compliance and usage.

    Different types of yacht allowed in BVI

    Different types of Yacht Registration allowed under BVI Shipping Act are as follows:

    • Luxury yacht
    • Motor yachts
    • Sailing yachts
    • Charter yachts
    • Custom yachts
    • Cruising yachts
    • Explorer yachts
    • Liveaboard yachts
    • Day charter yachts
    • Commercial yachts
    • Sports fishing yachts

    How to proceed for BVI yacht registration?

    How to proceed for BVI yacht registration?

    Step 1: Determine your registration approach

    • When registering a yacht in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), you have the option to register either as an individual or under a company. We recommend opting for company registration to avoid liability issues and benefit from additional protections and advantages.
    • Individual Yacht Registration: If you choose to register as an individual, you can proceed directly to the next step in the yacht registration process. But before that one thing to keep in mind is that only individuals who are:
      • Citizens of the United Kingdom
      • Citizens of the BVI
      • Citizens of the Caribbean Community and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
    • Are eligible for individual yacht registration in BVI
    • Company Yacht Registration: If you prefer to register under a company and do not yet have an offshore company, we can assist you. Tetra Consultants offers offshore company incorporation services, ensuring a seamless process for registering an offshore company in BVI, which is eligible for yacht registration.
    • Various statutory requirements includes:
      • A minimum of 1 director without residency requirements.
      • A minimum of 1 shareholder without residency requirements.
      • A BVI offshore company must have a registered office in the BVI, which is the official address for legal purposes.
      • Appointing a company secretary is not necessary for a BVI offshore company, but it is commonly done to handle signing obligations.
      • Nominee shareholders are allowed in BVI offshore companies, which can provide enhanced privacy for the actual owners of the company.
      • The amount of the authorized capital equals to US$50,000
    • Eligibility requirements for BVI Yacht Registration includes:
      • Companies registered in the UK, BVI, European Economic Area (EEA), or European Union (EU) are eligible.

    Step 2: Select the yacht registration category

    • The first step involves understanding the two categories of yacht registration available in the BVI:
    • Full Registration: This entails registering the yacht in the BVI, allowing it to fly the BVI flag.
    • Provisional Registration: Valid for 90 days, this registration provides temporary validity. If desired, the owner can subsequently apply for Full Registration by furnishing the requisite documentation.
    • Tetra Consultants can guide our clients through this initial stage of BVI Yacht Registration, explaining the distinctions between Full and Provisional Registration. We assist clients in determining the most suitable registration option based on their needs and preferences.

    Step 3: Assign a BVI shipping agent

    • Tetra Consultants play a pivotal role in supporting our clients during the BVI Yacht Registration process by facilitating providing you with the BVI shipping agent. We ensure that our clients receive comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the registration procedure. Our team works closely with the shipping agent to navigate through the intricacies of registration and to provide any essential information our clients may need.

    Step 4: Submit the required documents

    • Further, we will proceed to oversee the submission of the application and necessary documents to the designated BVI Shipping Agent. Subsequently, we ensure that the agent submits these materials to the Registrar of Shipping for the registration of the yacht. Our role encompasses meticulous oversight of this process, ensuring that all paperwork is accurately completed and promptly delivered to the appropriate authorities. By managing this step on behalf of our clients, we aim to streamline the registration process and alleviate any potential administrative burdens, enabling a smoother and more efficient experience.

    Step 5: Get the name of the yacht approved

    • To officially approve the yacht’s name, utilize Form SR101-01, ensuring the chosen name is both new and suitable. The yacht registration process offers flexibility, with registration possible at any of the following three ports:
    • Road harbour,
    • Gorda sound, or
    • White bay.

    Step 6: Obtain the official number

    • Upon submission of the documents as per requirements, they undergo thorough scrutiny and are then allocated a vessel number and an official number.
    • Tetra Consultants offer streamlined services to facilitate the acquisition of an official number efficiently. Additionally, we extend our expertise to assist clients in obtaining offshore financial licenses, catering to the needs of companies requiring such permits.

    Step 7: Carving and marking note

    • After the official number is granted, the registrar will issue a carving and marking note containing essential details such as the vessel’s name, port of registry, official number, and registered tonnage.

    Step 8: Process the payment

    • Submit payment for yacht registration to the British registrar, with fees varying based on the type and size of the yacht. Upon approval of payment and meeting requirements, you will receive a Certification of Registry, confirming the completion of the registration process.

    Step 9: Open a bank account

    • Following completion of your yacht registration in the BVI, the next step involves opening a business bank account. Our service for corporate bank account opening streamlines this process, ensuring you have a bank account established within 4 weeks.

    Documents required for BVI Yacht Registration

    Documents required for individual beneficial owners, directors and shareholders:

    • Application Form
    • Declaration of Eligibility
    • Passport and Visa (Individuals)
    • Appointment of Respective Person
    • Ownership Proof (Bill or certificate)
    • Appointment of Authorized Officer (SR 101-03)
    • Certificate of Incorporation (Corporate Entities)
    • Proof of Deletion from Previous Registry (if applicable)
    • Undertaking to Act as Representative Person (RP) form

    Regulatory requirements of BVI company registration for Yacht Registration in BVI

    • A company must maintain a minimum of one director who can be an individual or a corporate entity without residency requirements.
    • Company must maintain at least one Shareholder who can be an individual and a corporate body without residency requirements.
    • Every company registration applicant must also appoint a Company Secretary for itself who can be shareholder or director.
    • The Company can avail of a registered address for running business operations in the British Virgin Islands.
    • The amount of the authorized capital equals to US$50,000.

    Looking for BVI Yacht Registration

    • BVI Yacht Registration, whether opting for Full or Provisional Registration, is a meticulous process requiring adherence to regulatory standards. Tetra Consultants offer comprehensive support, ensuring seamless navigation through each step of the registration journey. Beyond yacht registration, our services extend to various comprehensive services, such as corporate bank account opening, legal document drafting, nominee director and shareholder services, and legal representation. With Tetra Consultants, clients receive not only expert guidance in yacht registration but also a full suite of solutions to meet their broader corporate requirements with efficiency and precision.
    • Contact us to know more about BVI Yacht Registration and our team will revert back in 24 hours.


    What does the BVI yacht registration process entail?

    • The BVI yacht registration process involves appointing a BVI Shipping Agent, submitting required documents, obtaining approval for the yacht name, securing an official number, and paying the registration fee. /li>

    What types of yachts are permissible in the BVI?

    • The BVI welcomes various yacht types, including luxury, motor, sailing, charter, custom, cruising, explorer, liveaboard, day charter, commercial, and sports fishing yachts.

    How long is the BVI registration valid?

    • Initial registration for pleasure vessels in the BVI lasts one year and is renewable for one, three, or five years.

    What are the advantages of registering a yacht in the BVI?

    • Benefits include swift and secure registration, global recognition, access to UK Maritime and Coastgu

    Can a yacht’s registration be facilitated through a BVI company for enhanced confidentiality?

    • Yes, utilizing a BVI company for yacht registration enhances confidentiality

    How does Full Registration differ from Provisional Registration in the BVI?

    • Full Registration is permanent, while Provisional Registration is valid for 90 days and can be upgraded to Full Registration upon submission of requisite documents.

    What is the procedure for transferring yacht registration to the BVI from another country?

    • To transfer yacht registration to the BVI, submit required documents to the Registrar of Shipping for processing and subsequent registration transfer.

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