Marshall Islands Company Incorporation: Walkthrough

Tetra Consultants’ team of experts recommends reading our ultimate guide on Marshall Islands company incorporation. Our team strives to provide our international clients with a one-stop solution with all the services required to legally conduct business in the Marshall Islands. Our incorporation package includes Marshall Islands company incorporation, provision of a company secretary and local office, tax registration, and opening of a corporate bank account.

    How to incorporate a company in Marshall Islands?

    Tetra Consultants advises you to read through the Marshall Islands company incorporation guide to fully understand the step-by-step procedure for incorporation of company in Marshall Islands. Our company incorporation services in the Marshall Islands will get you on your way to setting up your corporate home in Marshall Islands.

    Simply put, we can break down our Marshall Islands company incorporation engagement into four different phases:
    1. Planning & strategy
    2. Incorporation
    3. Bank account opening
    4. Staying compliant

    By systematically following the above four phases, you can expect to start conducting business with your Marshall Islands company within 5 weeks.

    Planning & strategy

    • Our team of professional consultants will suggest the most appropriate corporate structure for you to carry out your business after understanding your business goals and activities. Prior to Marshall Islands company incorporation, you will be advised on the best paid-up share capital, corporate structure, laws, and whether any operating licenses are required.
    • You must supply a list of needed KYC papers to Tetra Consultants before Marshall Islands company incorporation. The names of the directors, the company’s resolution, and identity proof are some of these documents.
    • Tetra Consultants will further assist you in providing a registered legal address and a local registered agent who would act as a liaison between you and the Marshall Islands authorities for the filing of documents for the company incorporation procedure in the Marshall Islands.


    • According to the business activity and corporate structure, Tetra Consultants will also draft articles of incorporation, business plan, and other Marshall Islands company incorporation documents.
    • Although there is no requirement for a director to be a resident of the Marshall Islands but for more privacy set up we can further provide you with our nominee director services.
    • Once the Marshall Islands company incorporation documents are prepared, we will then proceed to file the same to register company in Marshall Islands with the respective authority.
    • After receiving approval, Tetra Consultants will courier the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and other corporate documents to your preferred address.

    Bank account opening

    • Upon registration, Tetra Consultants will help our clients to open a corporate bank account within 4 weeks. Our team has established partnerships with multiple reputable international banks. Tetra Consultants’ banking team is experienced in this field and we will be able to timely secure banking solutions within the stipulated deadlines.
    • Typically, a corporate bank account opening will take roughly 4 weeks.
    • Once your account has been successfully opened, Tetra Consultants will courier the internet banking token and access codes to your preferred address.

    Staying compliant

    • Following the setup of your new Marshall Islands corporate home, Tetra Consultants will continue to provide you with the necessary accounting and tax services to ensure that you can continue to legally conduct business while staying compliant with regulatory obligations.
    • Tetra Consultants will assist you in registering your business with the Marshall Islands Inland revenue commission for obtaining the tax identification number.
    • Further, we will also make sure to remind you of the annual renewal payments to be made for the maintenance of your governmental license, registered agent, and registered local address.
    • Additionally, Tetra Consultants will also provide assistance with regard to applying for various relevant business licenses to carry out the relevant business activities in the country.
    • As such, you can expect to start issuing invoices under your Marshall Islands company name within 5 weeks of engaging Tetra Consultants.

    Contact us to find out more about the Marshall Islands company incorporation procedure. Our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours.

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