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Tetra Consultants assists our international clients to apply for Oman work visa. Our service package includes Oman company registration, work visa applications, and opening local or international corporate bank accounts. Tetra Consultants is the one-stop solution for you to legally start business in Oman.

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    Oman Work Visa: Introduction

    Oman Work Visa application is hassle-free with Tetra Consultants’ assistance.

    Tetra Consultants will explore the types of visas, when you would need one, and how you can go about applying for one. The application process can be hassle-free if you fully understand it. With Tetra Consultants at the wheel, you will be able to dedicate your time and resources to other more important business channels.

    With our lean-and-mean mentality, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you a seamless experience throughout the whole process of application. Our ultimate goal is for your visa to be obtained within the stipulated time frame.


    Why do you need an Oman work visa?

    • Employers are typically responsible for sponsoring foreign employees in Oman. Therefore, foreigners looking to live and be employed in the country are required to have a job as they can only obtain an employment visa in partnership with a sponsoring local employer.
    • While the application process demands a substantial amount of paperwork, the administrative burden of applying mostly falls on the shoulders of the Omani employers, who must obtain several documents if foreign employees are to remain an employee for an extended duration.
    • Employers are required to be well aware of the required regulations and apply for a labour license from the Ministry of Manpower first prior to obtaining an employment visa for the employees.
    • Each Omani employee will require an individual visa and applications can be made to the Immigration Department of the Royal Police through a one-stop source.
    • After the visa is cleared for the employee and once the employee arrives in the country, the employee will need to attain a residence card from the Civil Status Department of the Royal Oman Police to legally live in the nation while employed. This should be done within 30 days of arrival to the nation. The validity period of the new residence card will be 2 years.
    • As the procedures employers have to go through to obtain the employment visa for the employee is long and complicated, it is difficult for employees to change jobs while in Oman. Therefore, if the employee wishes to switch jobs, a premature termination or expiration of the employment contract, employees need their employer to agree and sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC). The NOC will contain a declaration that both the local government and the sponsoring employer have permitted the applicant to be employed in the nation. They must leave Oman for at least 2 years unless they obtain a NOC.

    Types of Oman Work Visa

    • Oman offers a variety of visa types to foreigners, which includes Visit Visa, Scientific Research Visa, Employment Visa, Investors’ Visa and Family Joining Visa.

    Visit Visa

    • The Visit Visa is the most standard visa option for basic entry into the nation. Unless you are from one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, it is mandatory for all foreign nationals to obtain a valid entry visa to enter Oman. The GCC is a council of countries, namely Arabian Peninsula, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. All other countries such as the United States, China and India will not qualify for visa-free entry.
    • Visit visas vary in types, such as business, tourist and family visa types. However, a visit visa, regardless of type, will not permit the applicant to carry out or partake in business activities, including in various private sector fields such as engineering and news and media.
    • The validity of visit visas is for 6 months from the date of issuance, and the stays vary depending on the visa type. The duration cannot be extended.

    Scientific Research Visa

    • This visa is for foreigners who wish to enter Oman specifically for scientific research. This visa cannot be directly applied for by the applicant and instead must be obtained through local specialized authorities who have to request them for the applicant.
    • This allows the visa holder to reside in the country for 3 months, and can be increased to 5 months.

    Employment Visa

    • Employers are required to obtain Employment Visas on behalf of foreign employees who wish to stay and be employed in Oman and are aged 21 years and older. The employer will need to obtain official approval which can be granted by the Directorate General of Labor Affairs.
    • To acquire this Visa, the applicant’s employer needs to obtain official authorization from the Ministry of Manpower. There are certain mandatory conditions that the employee must fulfill to qualify for the visa, which includes having a sufficient number and proportion of staff in the business who are Omani nationals, in accordance with the compulsory Omanisation rates.
    • The Employment Visa is valid for 2 years and allows for multiple entries.
    • Individuals who are holders of the employment visa are not allowed to leave Oman for more than half a year at a time. The only exception is if they are family members of a visa holder.

    Investors’ Visa

    • Foreigners who wish to invest in the nation may apply for the Investors’ Visa.

    Family Joining Visa

    • Family Joining Visas are granted to spouses and children aged below 21 of holders of Omani employment visas. The visa will require a certificate from the Ministry of Interior validating the marriage status.
    • The visa can only be applied when families are travelling to Oman to join their spouse who already has a job there. The visa will expire when the employee’s residence permit expires.
    • The visa will require the employee who is employed in Oman to hold a senior job position according to GCC standards and earning at least OMR 600 a month.

    Requirements for obtaining a Oman Work Visa

    • After the employer has obtained a labour license from the Ministry of Manpower, here are the documents needed to obtain a labour visa for the employee:
      • Copies of foreign employee passports, with a minimum of 6 months validity
      • Two recent passport photographs
      • A copy of the labour license issued by The Ministry of Manpower for each application form
      • The original and copy of the medical certificate from an approved clinic based on the employee’s home country
      • Employee’s relevant certificates and qualifications
      • Application fees

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    Can foreigners live and work in Oman?

    • Here is an outline of the steps you need to take before you can start doing so:
      • Employer procures a labour license
      • Job offer to the employee
      • Issuance of employment visa
      • Issuance of residence card
      • Obtaining a No Objection Certificate
      • The employee may commence employment in Oman

    Do I need a work visa in Oman?

    • It is mandatory for employers to obtain employment visas for any foreign employees aged 21 or older for entry into Oman. The visa will authorize them to sponsor a non-resident to be employed in the country. The employer will need to obtain official approval from the authorities of the Directorate General of Labor Affairs.

    What is the age requirement for foreign employees who wish to work in Oman?

    • The employee must be between the ages of 21 and 60 years old.

    How do you apply for a residence card?

    • After the employment visa is cleared and once the employee arrives in Oman, he/she has to travel to the Civil Status Department of the Royal Oman Police to obtain the residence card. The card allows the employee to legally reside in the nation for the duration of the employment.

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