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    PNG Work Visa: Introduction

    PNG Work Visa is also known as Papua New Guinea Work Visa. Unlike visits for tourism, in order to live and work in Papua New Guinea, it is a requirement for individuals to have a work permit and a visa.

    Tetra Consultants will explore the types of work visas, when you would need one, and how you can go about applying for one. The process of PNG work visa application can be hassle-free if you know how. With Tetra Consultants at the wheel, you will be able to dedicate your time and resources to other more important business channels.

    With our lean-and-mean mentality, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you a seamless experience throughout the whole process of work visa application. Our ultimate goal is for your visa to be obtained within the stipulated time frame.


    Why do you need a PNG Work Visa?

    • Once a non-citizen has been issued with a work permit, he or she must apply to Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) for the appropriate Entry Permit (Visa). The Entry Permit or Visa authorizes an individual who is not a citizen of Papua New Guinea to enter the nation and stay for a particular time period. Once the applicant receives the visa approval, he/she can enter Papua New Guinea and begin functioning as a legal employee. All visa applications will be subject to and processed according to the rules and regulations laid out in the Migration Act 1978.
    • Typically, all individuals who are not Papua New Guinea citizens, but wish to do a job in the local private sector are required to acquire an authorized work permit before they can begin their employment. This has to be obtained through the Secretary of the Papua New Guinea government’s Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR), based in Port Moresby.
    • According to Section 3 of the Employment of Non-citizens Act 2007, it states that employment in PNG includes:
      • An employer-employee relationship
      • Consultant jobs
      • Self-employment
      • Voluntary labour in religious, charitable or non-government organisations
      • Jobs are temporary, part-time or casual
    • There are 3 types of work permits granted by the government:
      • General
      • Volunteer
      • Bridging

    How to get PNG (Papua New Guinea) Work Visa

    • Prior to applying for a Papua New Guinea Work Visa, an individual has to obtain a work permit from the government. It is mandatory for employees to apply before they enter the country.
    • Requirements for a PNG work permit include items such as:
      • A signed employment contract
      • A curriculum vitae
      • A copy of the job description
      • A copy of the certificate of incorporation for the business employing the applicant

    What you need to obtain a PNG Work Visa (Papua New Guinea Work Visa)

    • For employees looking to seek employment, they will need to obtain a Papua New Guinea Work Visa after obtaining a work permit.
    • He/she will require a valid passport, a letter of employment, a doctor’s certificate, a police statement of character from the country of origin and a work permit letter of approval.

    Who is not required to have a PNG Work Permit?

    • The following categories of non-citizen employees do not require one to engage in employment in Papua New Guinea:
      • Individuals who are not local citizens and are hired by the local Public Service (these people need to attain authorized clearance to do business or a job, from the Papua New Guinea Department of Personnel Management)
      • Individuals who are not local citizens and are hired or engaged by the PNG Diplomatic Corps (those who are non-citizens who are locally-engaged and hired by the Foreign Diplomatic Mission in Papua New Guinea will still have to possess a work permit)
      • Individuals who are not local citizens but who are officially hired as Official Personal Staff
      • Individuals who are not local citizens but are hired or engaged by the Aid Donor Organisations, including AusAID and JICA (individuals who are working for the Aid Donor Organisations in Papua New Guinea and locally-engaged but are not citizens will still have to possess a work permit)
      • Individuals who are not local citizens but who possess Permanent Residency status
    • Unless they are exempted, the employment of an employee who has a work visa but not a permit is considered unlawful by the government.

    Employment Visa

    • Individuals, including some residents, are required to apply for an Employment visa if they intend to engage in paid employment in Papua New Guinea for 3 months to 3 years.
    • Additionally, many employment visas will require individuals to hold a work permit, which are issued by the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR).
    • The visa is valid for periods of up to 3 years and are issued for multiple entry in accordance with expiry dates of the work permit approval issued by DLIR. A request for extension has to be made in advance (minimum 4 weeks) of the expiry date of the existing Entry Permit.
    • The exact criteria to qualify for an Employment Visa will be different for each individual, depending on each individual’s situation, length of stay and the purpose of the visit. For instance, there are special criteria for individuals who are dependents of a local PNG citizen or the dependents of a primary visa applicant.

    Restricted Employment Visa

    • Individuals with specialist skills and technical expertise, which is not available in Papua New Guinea can apply for this visa to undertake paid employment. This visa grants authorization without the need to acquire a permit from DLIR.
    • Individuals who wish to obtain a Restricted Employment Visa will have to show and prove that they possess specialized technical expertise necessary to meet a temporary skills gap in PNG.
    • Non-citizens engaged in business and industry in mining, LNG, petroleum, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, building and maintenance, aviation and The Manus Regional Processing Centre are eligible for Restricted Employment Visa.
    • Restricted Employment Visa permits a maximum of 4 entries in a 12 month period. Each period of stay must not exceed 30 days.
    • The criteria to qualify for an extension of your visa will depend on each individual’s situation. This includes the purpose and period of time you have already spent in Papua New Guinea, and the length of the extension sought.
    • If there is a change of circumstances during the visa application process or after the visa is issued, you are required to notify Immigration & Citizenship Authority (ICA) immediately.

    Journalist Visa

    • Those who plan to carry out journalistic  and news-related activities in the country, whether paid or not, must apply for this visa.
    • Applicants of Journalist Visa are required to seek approval from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) before submitting their application for a Journalist Visa.
    • Eligibility requirements for a Journalist Visa varies depending on individual circumstances including the purpose and the period of stay.

    Business Visa

    • Those who aim to visit the country for temporary business activities need to acquire this visa.
    • This visa type is applicable for those entering Papua New Guinea for a one-time visit. The purpose of the visit can be for conferences, business or board meetings or other business-related purposes.
    • To apply for a business visa, individuals must provide prove that they are employed to conduct business in the country and plan to exit Papua New Guinea after completing their stay.
    • Individuals who possess a passport from a nation that qualifies for the issuance of a visa upon arrival, can submit an application through the e-visa portal. The full list of nations who can qualify for a visa upon arrival are on the ICA website.
    • The Business Visa is valid for a single entry stay of 30 days from the date of arrival and an extension of the visa is prohibited.
    • A Business Visa holder may not engage in employment whilst in PNG.

    APEC Business Visitors

    • As Papua New Guinea is part of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation body (APEC), eligible individuals are encouraged to obtain an APEC visa card for business entry into PNG for non-employment business activities.
    • It is recommended for individuals who make frequent visits to PNG as it is less costly, covers several countries and has a validity of 5 years of multiple visits.
    • Individuals should make applications in their home country if the home country is an APEC member.

    Need a PNG Work Visa?

    • Contact us to find out more about how to get a Papua New Guinea work visa or permit to begin working after PNG company registration. Our dedicated and experienced team will revert within the next 24 hours and provide you with advice for all your queries.


    How much does a PNG Visa cost?

    • For Business Visa (short term single entry), it costs 190 USD to apply.
    • For Restricted Employment Visa, it costs 350 USD to apply.
    • For Employment Visa, it costs 380 USD to apply. If you would like to extend the visa, there is an extension fee of 700 USD and a late extension fee of 1,350 USD.
    • For Journalist Visa, it costs 350 USD to apply. If you would like to extend the visa, there is an extension fee of 500 USD and a late extension fee of 1,050 USD.
    • The payment for the visas can be submitted online through the portal available on the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority’s website.

    What is the time required to obtain a PNG Work Permit and Work Visa?

    • The standard processing time to successfully obtain them is 15 business days per department. If forms are completed correctly and are not missing specific details, the entire process takes approximately six weeks, with 15 business days in DLIR and 15 business days with ICA.

    Who issues PNG Work Permits and Work Visas?

    • The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) is responsible for the issuance of PNG work permits, whereas the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) is responsible for the issuance of work visas.

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