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    Anjouan Gaming License 

    • An Anjouan Gaming License signifies that an operator has met stringent compliance and fair play standards, enabling them to offer games to players globally. This license allows businesses to operate with confidence, knowing they comply with all applicable laws and regulations. For startups and entrepreneurs launching an online gambling venture, the recently modernized and streamlined Anjouan Gaming License has become a top choice for online gaming licensing in 2023 and beyond.  
    • Anjouan stands out as one of the most accessible jurisdictions for obtaining a gaming license, boasting one of the shortest processing times in the industry. With just a single license, operators can encompass a diverse array of games, spanning from traditional casino games to sports betting, poker, bingo, lotto, provably fair games, and even blockchain-based gaming experiences. At Tetra Consultants, we specialize in facilitating the acquisition of offshore gaming licenses, ensuring a streamlined process for operators venturing into the gaming market. 

    Advantages of obtaining Anjouan Gaming License 

    Advantages of obtaining Anjouan Gaming License 

    Efficient and cost-effective 

    • The process for acquiring a gaming license is the quickest among all gambling licensing jurisdictions worldwide. This efficiency is contingent on the applicant submitting all necessary documents promptly and ensuring they are current and certified where applicable. In some cases, the entire process can be completed in as little as 10-15 business days, excluding the time needed to compile the documents.  
    • This rapid turnaround makes Anjouan an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are on a tight deadline and need to launch and become profitable quickly. Additionally, Anjouan offers one of the most cost-effective solutions, with affordable setup and ongoing maintenance costs that are accessible to all budgets, especially beneficial for those just starting out. 

    Easy and hassle-free 

    • The application process for a gambling license is often perceived as daunting, involving extensive paperwork, numerous application forms, and supporting documents that require significant time and financial investment. However, this is not the case in Anjouan. While there are still requirements to be met, the bureaucracy is significantly reduced, making the process much less burdensome for applicants.  
    • Anjouan stands out as perhaps the quickest and easiest jurisdiction to obtain a gaming license from. Its straightforward application process and easy ongoing maintenance provide entrepreneurs with an excellent opportunity to test their business concept before dealing with the complexities of tougher licensing jurisdictions. 

    One license covers all 

    • In many jurisdictions, different types of games require separate licenses, and additional permits may be needed for different game classes. This means that offering a variety of games like slots, live table games, casino games, lotto, and bingo often requires going through multiple licensing processes. However, with an Anjouan Gaming License, this is not an issue.  
    • The Anjouan Online Gaming License covers all types of iGaming-related activities under a single license. This includes game providers, software developers and providers, operators, and games such as sports betting, online casino, lotto, online poker, eSports, live games, scratch cards, and games of chance.  
    • This comprehensive coverage offers high levels of cost-effective flexibility to gaming companies, allowing them to diversify their portfolio without undergoing multiple licensing processes. 

    Zero gaming tax 

    • One of the most attractive benefits of acquiring an Anjouan gambling license is the exemption from gaming taxes. Operators holding an Anjouan license are not required to pay any tax on their gross gaming revenue (GGR).  
    • This zero-tax rate is significantly lower than the gaming taxes imposed in many other jurisdictions, providing substantial financial advantages to operators. 

    Great for startups 

    • For startups taking their first steps into the online gambling industry, an Anjouan license is the most sensible choice. It allows companies to test their business concepts, build a client base, and reinvest funds without incurring exorbitant application, tax, and fee costs. This supportive environment fosters holistic growth, enabling companies to diversify into other market segments, games, and areas without suffering financial setbacks.  
    • It offers the flexibility to explore, develop, and experiment without requiring a large capital investment. Once the business is established and performing well, there is always the option to expand into new markets, and Fast Offshore can assist in that transition by facilitating the acquisition of licenses in other jurisdictions. 

    Types of operators eligible for Anjouan Gaming License 

    The Anjouan Gaming License is particularly well-suited for various types of operators in the online gaming industry: 

    Operators with unique games or ideas 

    • For operators with innovative gaming concepts or unique game offerings, obtaining a license from Curaçao can pose challenges, leaving limited alternatives. In such cases, Anjouan’s licensing process emerges as a viable option due to its potential to provide a more accessible pathway to licensing. This is particularly advantageous for those presenting novel gaming propositions that may not fit conventional regulatory frameworks. 

    Operators needing to showcase a license to investors or players 

    • Anjouan proves to be an ideal choice for operators seeking to showcase their legitimacy to both investors and players alike. The presence of a Validator tool simplifies the verification process, ensuring the authenticity of the license. Additionally, coupling a gambling company registered in Anjouan with one in Cyprus (within the EU) can significantly bolster trust and credibility. Anjouan’s licensing process is notably swift and uncomplicated, requiring minimal intricate documentation, thereby making it an appealing option for operators aiming for efficient licensing procedures. 

    Operators looking for rapid licensing and launch 

    • Operators requiring swift licensing and an immediate launch of their gaming services can benefit from Anjouan’s quick turnaround time. This expedited process is particularly advantageous for operators eager to kickstart their operations promptly. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to commence operations under Anjouan’s jurisdiction initially, with the potential to apply for licenses from other jurisdictions at a later stage, thereby expanding their operational scope. 

    Operators looking for benefits of recognizable license 

    • Anjouan’s licensing offers various benefits, including acceptance by banks for financial transactions and seamless integration of games along with access to diverse payment solutions, which ultimately enhances the overall gaming experience. The incorporation of a Validator tool adds transparency and credibility for players, rendering Anjouan an appealing choice for startups and operators seeking a swift entry into the gaming market. 

    Gaming regulations for Anjouan Gaming License 

    • The Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB) serves as the national authority overseeing the licensing and regulation of gambling businesses in Anjouan, with a focus on online gambling companies. The board’s objectives include protecting and safeguarding players from unfair practices, enforcing ethical and security standards among licensed operators, and shielding vulnerable groups such as problem gamblers and minors. Additionally, the ABGB provides comprehensive support services to license holders, including assistance with compliance, marketing, and customer support. 
    • Tetra Consultants can assist you in adhering to all the regulations set forth by the ABGB, ensuring your operations remain compliant and up to standard. 

    There are following legislation applicable on gaming license 

    • The Betting and Gaming Act of 2005 
    • International Business Companies Act 004 of 2005 
    • Anjouan Money Laundering Prevention Act 008 of 2005 
    • The Offshore Finance Authority Act of 2005 
    • The Anjouan regulatory framework is built on stringent licensing and ongoing compliance requirements, ensuring that licensed operators meet the highest standards of integrity, competence, security, fairness, and player protection. This comprehensive framework includes robust anti-money laundering measures such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocols, responsible gaming policies, fair play processes, and other world-class regulations to maintain the integrity of the gaming environment. 
    • The overarching goal of Anjouan’s gambling regulatory framework is to attract international gambling businesses by providing a conducive environment for growth while safeguarding the interests of players and vulnerable individuals. This framework is underpinned by core values such as regulatory transparency, responsiveness, dynamism, efficiency, and strict adherence to global regulatory standards. 
    • The Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority (AOFA) plays a crucial role as the national regulatory authority, responsible for enforcing anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations. The AOFA is dedicated to establishing international regulatory standards, ensuring the seamless identification and mitigation of risks to both consumers and the reputation of Anjouan’s jurisdiction. 
    • Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License not only signifies compliance with these rigorous standards but also offers numerous benefits. The license demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and security standards, thus fostering trust among players and business partners. Furthermore, Anjouan’s supportive regulatory environment encourages business growth and innovation in the gaming industry. 
    • Tetra Consultants can assist you in navigating the complexities of the Anjouan regulatory framework, ensuring full compliance with all requirements. Their expertise will help you adhere to the stringent regulation set forth by both the ABGB and AOFA, facilitating a smooth licensing process and ongoing compliance, thereby enhancing your business’s credibility and operational efficiency. 

    Why proceed for Anjouan Gaming License? 

    • Considering licensing jurisdictions, many gambling startups traditionally prioritize well-known locations providing Curacao gaming license, Malta gaming license, and others. However, these options often entail excessive costs, complexities, and lengthy processes for obtaining licenses. 
    • Opting for a gaming license is highly recommended for startups and entrepreneurs aiming to test new concepts or platforms. This approach mitigates risk by beginning with a lower cost licensing jurisdiction, allowing for future decisions regarding potential transitions or additional licenses. 
    • Compared to other online gambling jurisdictions, the Anjouan license offers distinct advantages for startups due to its affordability and streamlined application process. Acquiring an Anjouan gambling license is notably straightforward, making it an ideal option for those seeking a swift online presence establishment. 
    • Anjouan emerges as the jurisdiction of choice for those seeking a licensing option that is expedient, uncomplicated, cost-effective, compliant, and offers favorable tax benefits for their online gambling ventures. 

    Timeline to obtain Anjouan Gaming License 

    • Typically, the timeline to secure an Anjouan Gaming License spans around 8 weeks. This rapid process owes itself to streamlined bureaucracy and optimized regulatory procedures, facilitating quick launches of new gaming ventures or seamless relocations of existing ones with minimal hassle. The efficiency of Anjouan’s licensing framework enables operators to swiftly establish their online gaming presence, providing a competitive edge in the dynamic and fast-paced industry landscape. 

    What are the activities allowed under an Anjouan Gaming License? 

    • The gaming license encompasses a broad spectrum of online gambling activities, allowing operators to offer a diverse range of gaming options to players worldwide. Here is an elaboration on each category: 

    Sports betting: 

    • Licensed operators can provide a wide array of sports betting options, covering various sports events globally. This includes traditional sports like football, basketball, and horse racing, as well as niche sports, ensuring a comprehensive betting experience for sports enthusiasts. 

    Online casinos: 

    • The license permits the operation of online casinos, featuring a vast selection of games. Operators can offer classic table games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, alongside a variety of slot machines and other popular casino games, catering to diverse player preferences. 


    • Anjouan licenses enable the establishment of online poker rooms, where players can engage in numerous poker variants. Operators can host both cash games and tournaments, providing opportunities for players of all skill levels to participate and compete. 


    • With this license, operators can offer online bingo games, including traditional bingo and its many variants. This allows for the creation of engaging bingo communities and the hosting of regular bingo sessions and special events, appealing to a wide demographic of bingo enthusiasts. 

    Cyber sports:  

    • The license includes the authorization to offer cyber sports, also known as eSports, which involves organizing and facilitating online gaming competitions and tournaments. Operators can tap into the growing eSports market by hosting events for popular games, attracting a dedicated and passionate player base. 

    Blockchain-based games:  

    • An Anjouan license permits the operation of blockchain-based games, which leverage blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions. These games offer innovative gaming experiences with provably fair mechanics, decentralized platforms, and cryptocurrency integration, appealing to tech-savvy and security-conscious players. 

    Procedure to obtain for Anjouan Gaming License 

    Procedure to obtain for Anjouan Gaming License 

    Initially proceeding to acquire the Anjouan Gaming License presents itself as a favorable choice for online gambling operators in search of a reputable and cost-efficient solution. Partnering with Tetra Consultants, a trusted licensing service provider, streamlines the application process and guarantees adherence to all requisite regulations. 

    Step 1: Company registration in Anjouan 

    • It is imperative to understand that acquiring a gaming license in Anjouan necessitates the establishment of a legal entity. The license is granted to a registered legal entity, such as a limited liability company (LLC), rather than an individual. This entity must be formally registered in Anjouan and must fulfill all jurisdictional prerequisites for securing a gaming license. Tetra Consultants can guide you through the process of establishing the necessary legal entity to initiate your journey towards obtaining a gaming license. Various necessities for company registration in Anjouan which includes: 
    • The minimum number of LLC members is one, and the maximum must not exceed 50 for LLCs. 
    • Each director, authorized person, shareholder, or beneficial owner must provide a certified copy of a valid passport, utility bill, police clearance certificate, CV/resume, banker’s reference, and professional reference. 
    • A local representative is required to be appointed for LLC. 
    • The LLC must have a registered office located in Anjouan. 
    • The LLC must be registered with the Anjouan registrar and obtain the necessary approvals. 
    • Moreover, we also provide nominee director and shareholder services for complying with various statutory requirements of the company. 

     Step 2: Determining the jurisdiction 

    • Further to proceed with obtaining the gaming license, our experts at Tetra Consultants will initiate by conducting comprehensive research on various licensing jurisdictions. We will meticulously analyze the benefits and requirements of each jurisdiction, taking into account factors such as reputation, cost, processing time, and the level of compliance necessary for your online gambling business. Our thorough assessment ensures that the jurisdiction chosen aligns with your business objectives and regulatory needs, laying a solid foundation for your operations in the short, medium, and long term. 

     Step 3: Understanding of license 

    • Further, Tetra Consultants will ensure to engage in thorough consultations to fully comprehend the intricacies of the gaming license and its compatibility with your specific business model. Our experts will diligently clarify any uncertainties you may have and ascertain that the license aligns seamlessly with your operational requirements and objectives.  
    • Recognizing the significance of selecting the right jurisdiction and license, we aim to prevent costly mistakes that may necessitate applying for additional licenses or incur penalties. By clearly defining your aims and objectives, and maintaining open communication with Tetra Consultants, we can provide precise guidance tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and compliant licensing process. 

     Step 4: Gather required documents 

    • Moving forward, we will assist you in compiling all the necessary documents required for the gaming license application. These documents may include company incorporation papers, financial statements, background checks, and proof of identity for key stakeholders.  
    • To meet the requirements, these documents should be translated into English, notarized or certified, and apostilled where necessary. It is essential to ensure that these documents are recent, typically not older than three months.  
    • Our team at Tetra Consultants will provide you with a detailed checklist tailored to your specific circumstances. We will meticulously review each document before submission to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. 

     Step 5: Filing of application 

    • Furthermore, we will guide you through the process of completing the license application form and subsequently submit it to the relevant authorities in Anjouan. Our team’s expertise ensures that the application is meticulously filled out, accurate, and comprehensive, meeting all necessary legal and compliance standards.  

     Step 6: Partnering with game providers and software 

    • Tetra Consultants will continue to assist you in selecting reputable game providers and software suppliers to offer a diverse selection of high-quality casino games. We prioritize collaboration with trusted providers that adhere to Anjouan regulations, ensuring compliance throughout the process.  
    • When considering game offerings, operating systems, security programs, and payment processors for integration into your platform, our team will provide guidance to ensure a superior and secure gaming experience for your players. 

     Step 7: Setting up a bank account 

    • Further, our experts at Tetra Consultants will collaborate with you to establish payment gateways and corporate bank accounts, ensuring smooth and secure financial transactions. We prioritize compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations throughout the setup process.  
    • Our team will assist you in identifying the best banking and payment partners suitable for your business needs. Additionally, we provide corporate bank account opening services to facilitate your financial operations efficiently and effectively. With our assistance, you can navigate the complexities of financial regulations with ease, ensuring compliance and seamless transactions for your online gambling business. 

     Step 8: Marketing and launching 

    • Moreover, after setting up a bank account, we will proceed to assist you in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy aimed at attracting players to your platform. Our team at Tetra Consultants will guide you in utilizing various digital marketing channels, promotions, and affiliate programs to effectively reach your target audience.  
    • We understand the importance of ensuring that your marketing practices align with legal requirements and compliance standards associated with your gaming license. Therefore, we will work closely with you to ensure that all marketing activities adhere to regulatory guidelines, helping you establish a strong presence in the online gambling market while maintaining compliance. 

    Step 9: Maintenance and compliance 

    • Further, we will continue to support you after your platform goes live, ensuring ongoing compliance with Anjouan gaming regulations. Our team at Tetra Consultants will collaborate with you to regularly update your platform, conduct audits, and implement improvements to uphold high standards and ensure player satisfaction.  
    • We offer assistance in drafting policies, updating practices and processes, conducting audits, and fulfilling all necessary reporting requirements. With our proactive approach to compliance management, you can rest assured that your online gambling operations remain in accordance with regulatory standards while continuously enhancing your platform’s performance and user experience. 

    Mandatory requirements for Anjouan Gaming License 

    To be awarded an Anjouan Gaming License, you will have to possess the following qualities: 

    • The applicant must be a legal entity and not an individual. 
    • Applicant must maintain records of financial transactions. 
    • They must also appoint a qualified person to monitor compliance with AML/CFT policies without residency requirements. 
    • Licensees must submit regular reports to the Anjouan Banking and Gaming Supervision Authority (ABGB) and notify the board of any significant changes or incidents within 48 hours. 
    • Licensees must notify the ABGB of any changes in beneficial ownership within 7 days. 
    • The paid-up capital must be at least €250,000. 
    • A detailed business plan outlining your company’s operations and financial projections. 
    • Appoint a Compliance Officer who will report to the regulator on iGaming compliance matters. 

    Shareholders and director requirement  

    • The minimum number of shareholders and directors may depend on the company structure. 
    • Shareholders and directors must not have any debts or criminal record. 
    • Shareholders and directors do not have any residency requirements. 
    • A roster of board members and main shareholders holding a minimum of 10% voting rights during stakeholder meetings must be provided. 

    Documents required for Anjouan Gaming License 

    • Certified Copy of a Valid Passport* (the pages with photo and signature) 
    • Recently issued Utility Bill 
    • Police Clearance Certificate / Certificate of no criminal record 
    • CV / Resume 
    • Original Banker’s Reference (Relationship must be longer than 2 years) 
    • Original Professional Letter of Reference from an Accountant or Lawyer (Relationship must be longer than 2 years) 
    • Details of Content including copy(ies) of agreements and/or 3rd party RNG testing certificates and RTP (if applicable) 
    • Proof of domain ownership 
    • Copies of Terms & Conditions which must include underage gaming policy, responsible gaming policies, and player KYC policy. 

    Taxation for Anjouan Gaming License 

    Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) Tax 

    • Anjouan Gaming License holders enjoy a tax exemption on gross gaming income, unlike many other jurisdictions. This absence of a GGR tax in Anjouan ensures that license holders retain a larger portion of their earnings, providing a competitive advantage in the online gaming industry. 

    Corporate tax 

    • Anjouan presents a compelling choice for businesses aiming for cost efficiencies, thanks to its low corporate taxes. Gaming license holders in Anjouan benefit from favorable corporate tax rates, with the absence of a corporate tax rate further enhancing its appeal as a prime location for online gambling ventures. This advantageous fiscal environment underscores Anjouan’s attractiveness for businesses seeking to optimize their financial operations. 

    Value Added Tax (VAT) 

    • Anjouan’s exemption from imposing VAT alleviates the tax burden on gambling operators, offering them additional financial advantages. This tax-saving measure enhances the overall attractiveness of Anjouan as a jurisdiction for online gambling businesses, providing them with a favorable fiscal environment conducive to growth and profitability. 

    Cost and fees for Anjouan Gaming License 

    • Obtaining the gaming license extends over a span of several weeks. While the cost of an Anjouan Gaming License is relatively inexpensive, entrepreneurs must factor in additional expenses such as legal consultations, administrative fees, and compliance expenditures to meet regulatory standards. Tetra Consultants provide a clear breakdown of these costs, ensuring transparency and clarity for businesses. Despite these expenses, the benefits of entering the Anjouan gambling market far outweigh the financial outlay, making these investments essential for securing a foothold in the online gaming industry. 

    Looking for Anjouan Gaming License 

    • Tetra Consultants is committed to delivering unparalleled service to our clients, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to unlock the full potential of their businesses. With years of specialized knowledge in the gaming industry, derived from our collaboration with gaming companies, technological solutions from software businesses, and diverse consulting engagements at managerial, functional, and regulatory levels, we stand as trusted partners in navigating the complexities of the gaming license process in Anjouan.  
    • Additionally, beyond facilitating gaming licenses, we offer comprehensive company registration services encompassing various business needs such as nominee director and shareholder services, legal document drafting, accounting and tax obligations, international trademark registration, and more. With Tetra Consultants, you gain not just a licensing partner, but a holistic solution provider for your online gaming venture. 
    • Contact us to know more about Anjouan Gaming License and we will revert back in 24 hours. 


    What does the Anjouan Gaming License entail?

    • The Anjouan Gaming License is an official authorization granted by the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Commission, permitting companies to engage in online gambling activities. This license encompasses various forms of online gambling, including casinos and sports betting.

    How can I acquire a gaming license in Anjouan?

    • To obtain a gambling license in Anjouan, applicants must gather and submit all required business documentation, designate a local representative, submit an application to the Anjouan Commission, pay the prescribed fees, and demonstrate compliance with established regulations, including anti-money laundering measures. For seamless acquisition of the Anjouan Gaming License, individuals can reach out to Tetra Consultants.

    What is the typical timeframe for obtaining a gambling license in Anjouan?

    • The process of securing an Anjouan Gambling License is streamlined and can be completed in as little as 8 weeks, excluding preparation time. This rapid turnaround time positions Anjouan as the preferred destination for entrepreneurs aiming to swiftly launch their online gambling ventures.

    What are the regulatory obligations for obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License?

    • Holdings of an Anjouan Gaming License must adhere to several regulatory requirements to uphold and renew their licenses. These encompass regular reporting, safeguarding vulnerable demographics, compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations, appointment of an AML/CFT Officer, formulation of internal procedures, participation in ABGB meetings, auditing of gaming systems, ethical advertising practices, vendor supervision, adherence to international laws, notification of alterations, prohibition of cash transactions, compliance with financial ratios, provision of beneficiary information, reporting changes in other license statuses, prompt communication of significant matters, and timely payment of fees.

    What distinguishes the Anjouan Gaming License from the Curacao License?

    • The Anjouan Gaming License offers a swifter application process and demands lower initial capital compared to Curacao. It consolidates all forms of gambling under one license and provides tax advantages by exempting gross gaming revenue from taxation, a feature not found in Curacao where separate licenses may be necessary for different gaming activities.

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