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If you are looking to set up a company in the Special Economic Zone, Tetra Consultants will provide and advise on the full list of free zones in Qatar. Our service package includes Qatar company formation, nominee director and shareholder services, license application and opening local corporate bank account. Tetra Consultants is the one-stop solution for you to start legally conduct business using a Qatar free zone company.

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    Introduction to Qatar Free Trade Zones

    • Qatar Free Trade Zones are considered to be the most well-received and optimal choice for business owners and foreign investors when setting up a business in Qatar.
    • Qatar Free Trade Zones are part of the Qatari government’s economic diversification initiatives to attract foreign investors and business owners into Qatar.
    • Qatar Free Trade Zones allow foreign investors to incorporate their business without having to encounter several restrictions and regulations placed on companies operating elsewhere in the UAE.
    • Availability of Qatar Free Zones Authority (QZFA) backed investment funds dedicated to promoting business growth and development. QFZA provides a one-stop solution for investors seeking long term global expansion. With the establishment of Qatar Free Zones, foreign investors gain potential access to a USD$3 billion government-supported investment fund.
    • Prior to registering a free zone company, it is essential to know the full list of free trade zones in Qatar. Qatar has two free trade zones currently under the Qatar Free Zones Authority (QZFA), responsible for the growth and regulation of Free Zones in Qatar. The free trade zones are namely Ras Bufontas Free Zone and Umm AlHoul Free Zone.

    Ras Bufontas Free Zone

    • First on the list of free trade zones in Qatar is the Ras Bufontas Free Zone. This SEZ aims at business sectors such as Logistics, Consumer Products, Light Manufacturing, Technology and applications and Pharmaceuticals. With its prime location directly adjacent to the highway, Ras Bufontas Free Zone is equipped with flexible and customized infrastructure and facilities.
    • Not to mention, residents of Ras Bufontas Free Zone can utilize the housing accommodations, retail stores, health clinics, metro systems and parks which were coherently integrated into the free trade area. The thoughtful consideration and implementation of urban elements in the Ras Bufontas Free Zone make it a world-class business hub.
    • Ras Bufontas Free Zone is located near established transport systems such as Hamad Airport, titled the ‘Best Airport of the Year’ in the Middle East. Business owners located in Ras Bufontas Free Zone will benefit from unparalleled access to reliable air transportation services.

    Umm Alhoul Free Zone

    • The second on the list of free trade zones in Qatar is the Umm Alhoul Free Zone. This SEZ was established for business sectors such as Maritime Industries, Heavy Manufacturing, Emerging Technologies and Logistics Hub. The Umm Alhoul Free Zone is located directly beside Qatar’s world-class commercial port, Hamad Port.
    • Hamad Port is known as the largest greenfield port. Furthermore, this free trade zone is a 30 minutes’ drive from the Capital City of Doha. With an optimal and strategic location, business owners are granted unprecedented access to sea freight and shipping routes.
    • Qatar’s latest marine cluster, Marsa is a wholly integrated maritime business sector and leisure ecosystem located within the Umm Alhoul Free Zone. Foreign investors interested in the maritime industry can utilize Marsa as a base for ocean vessels repair work and maritime research work.

    What are the benefits of opening a setup in Qatar Free Trade Zone?

    Companies established in the Qatar Free Trade Zones enjoy the following free trade zone benefits:

    • 0% corporate tax for renewable 20-year periods;
    • 100% foreign ownership with full capital repatriation;
    • branch or LLC structuring options;
    • access to investment funding;
    • robust data protection and intellectual property laws;
    • zero customs duties;
    • ·no individual income tax;
    • full access to Qatar’s double taxation treaty network with over 65 countries.

    The QFZA’s priorities are industries and companies that have the potential to contribute significantly to Qatar’s economic diversification and growth.

    Who Is eligible for setting up in the Qatar Free Trade Zone?

    • The Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) has issued a broad cluster of activities that are permitted to be undertaken by entities wishing to set up in any of the Qatar Free Trade Zones including logistics and warehousing, industrial products and services, food and beverages and consumer goods, IT services, leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, marine activities, and services, etc. The list is indicative only and is revised and updated from time to time.

    What are the requirements for setting up the Qatar Free Trade zones?

    To establish a company within a Qatar Free Trade Zones, the applicant must submit an application that includes:

    • Brief background on the applicant;
    • Business plan;
    • Statement of the applicant’s Designated Land requirements, including the type of property, the gross internal area required, and the term than the land is required for;
    • Statement of the applicant’s intended activities by reference to the Schedule of Permitted Activities;
    • Application fee.

    The following points should be addressed under the business plan:

    • Company/investor background;
    • Project description for the free zone;
    • Land size requirements and building size requirements;
    • Electricity and other utility requirements (sewer/water/IT);
    • Employment numbers and skill types;
    • Transport logistics – how raw materials and finished goods will be transported to and from the free zone;
    • Export plan;
    • Capex and source of funds;
    • Any other supplementary information.

    What is the  Process of Establishing a Business in the Qatar Free Trade Zones?

    To establish a company in the free business zone in Qatar, one needs to go through a thorough process, as mentioned below. Tetra Consultants makes sure that you do not have to waste time in this documentation process and can fully concentrate on your core business. Our services will include:

    • Step 1: Preparing the Business care for commercial registration in Qatar free Trade zone, and getting the name approval for Qatar Free Trade Zone Company.
    • Step 2: After the Business case for commercial registration is prepared and the name reservation is done, the articles of association will be drafted by our legal team. 
    • Step 3:The articles of association is then sent to be signed by all the partners and the commercial registration is issued and the company stamp is prepared. 
    • Step 4: Next, Tetra Consultants will procure the necessary licenses from the respective government departments to start your business in Qatar free zone 
    • Step 5: Tax registration is a must to set up a business in Qatar, and Tetra Consultants will arrange the same from the Public Revenue and Tax Authority of Qatar.
    • Step 6: The final step would be to open a bank account in Qatar for which Tetra Consultants will assist.

    Contact us to find out more about the list of free zones in Qatar and how to register company in Qatar. Our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours.

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