Czech RepublicA Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Companies in the Czech Republic

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  • With an attractive location of business, Czech Republic has attracted many businesses. To be t part of the Czech Republic’s economy and run a business an individual needs to register company in Czech Republic while following all the requirements. An investor needs to take note that just the registration of a legal entity would not necessarily meet the compliance requirement as the type of industry would also play a major part in adhering to additional regulatory obligations. For example, a crypto company planning to set up a business in Czech Republic is not only required to register company but also secure Czech crypto license 
  • The Czech Republic ranked favorably in terms of its business environment but also according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Czech Republic is one of the most attractive business locations in central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, Czech Republic also holds the 21st rank in the Heritage Foundation’s “Index of Economic Freedom” survey for 2023 making the economy 21st in the world. Further, in terms of ease of doing business Czech Republic has been ranked at 41st out of 190 economies outlining the Czech Republic as a strong business economy with low political risks. 
  • Tetra Consultants can provide you with a seamless journey of incorporation of the company through various comprehensive service packages provided by us. Our team of experts is qualified and experienced in this field, making it much easier for us to satisfy our clients’ requirements. However, to register a company in Czech Republic you might need to decide the type of company you require to set up your business. There are many types of companies as discussed in later paragraphs, it is important to note that every business’s needs differ from each other thus, the type of company must be chosen while taking care of all the needs and requirements of the business.  

Distinct types of companies in Czech Republic 

 Limited Liability Company (S.R.O) 

  • One of the most preferred company structures in Czech Republic is the Limited Liability Company. These companies must have a minimum investment of CZK 1, a minimum of one shareholder and one director must register company in Czech Republic. Further the requirements for shareholder and director does not need Czech Republic residency and a shareholder can be a natural person or a legal entity. An LLC does not mention an explicit requirement for a local shareholder and director, but if your company requires it Tetra Consultants can help you by providing nominee director and shareholder services 
  • Moreover, the SRO’s shareholders are subjected to limited responsibility for the business, meaning that they will never be personally liable for paying debts and liabilities of the business. It is mandatory for businesses incorporated as LLCs to have a name having “S.R.O.” 
  • With Tetra Consultants help you can register LLC in Czech Republic without any difficulty. Our experts are dedicated to serving our clients with the best service. We can help you with all the compliances to form an LLC in Czech Republic.  

Limited partnership (KS) 

  • A company which is co-owned by two or more people who are a combination of general partners and limited partners with a minimum of one general partner who are fully responsible for the monetary debts and responsibilities associated with the business. 
  • Moreover, limited partners do have a limited liability limited to the share of capital invested which is specified under the article of association of the business.  
  • Also, the company must have at least two people, at least one being the general partner. Furthermore, the limited partner must contribute a share in the company’s fixed capital as figured out by the articles of association, which can be no less than CZK 1. To prove a limited partnership, a memorandum of association must be concluded between the partners. 
  • As the business structure does provide you with the requirement for various mandatory documents for the business, Tetra Consultants can draft these documents for your company. Also, Tetra Consultants can guide you to register company in Czech Republic seamlessly without making you to leave your desk.  

General commercial partnership (Unlimited Partnership) 

  • A company which is co-owned by two or more people having an unlimited liability towards the company monetary debts and liabilities. Thus, every member of the company is equally accountable for the financial commitments and responsibility of the partnership company.  
  • Moreover, no basic requirement for formation of such type of company in Czech Republic. Hence, the formation of general partnership companies is easy and quick to set up and manage.  
  • There are no specific requirements for general partnership companies in the Czech Republic but, there are some mandatory compliances that must be filled by the company’s post-incorporation. Tetra Consultants has an experienced team of experts who can aid you with various compliances for your company and can file for all the compliances on your behalf within the stipulated period once the engagements start with Tetra Consultants. 
  • Also, Tetra Consultants can also facilitate their clients with corporate bank account opening services which will help them in functioning the business in Czech Republic.  

Joint stock company (AS) 

  • The most preferred types of companies in the country include joint stock companies (AS) and are often employed by big businesses. It allows its shareholders to collect funds and can list the company on the Prague stock exchange.  
  • Moreover, these business entities’ shareholders are subjected to restricted responsibility, which implies that if the business adds difficulties or obligations, their finances are not in danger. As such, the stockholders of an AS are only financially responsible for their investment’s value. Such types of companies in the Czech Republic must have CZK 2,000,000 as the required capital in order to be formed. 
  • Subsequently, at least one managing director and at least one member of the supervisory board, if formed, are required under which a legal entity can also be appointed as a managing director. Further, there is the requirement of a minimum of 1 director and shareholder without any residency restrictions.  
  • However, these companies can offer their stocks to the public, which helps them obtain more finance from various investors. These companies also need to follow accounting and tax obligations which can be fulfilled by Tetra Consultants through our accounting and tax experts who are well-equipped the tax and accounting compliances of Czech Republic. 
  • Registering a joint stock company might be time-consuming and confusing but you do not have to worry much as Tetra Consultants have a team of experts who upon engagement can help the company with offshore company incorporation.    

Cooperatives (Družstvo) 

  • A cooperative is a company structure held and run by their shareholders and board of directors. The main commercial aim is the societal or economic well-being of its participants, who are not individually accountable for the debts or liabilities of the enterprise.  
  • However, a cooperative must have a registered capital of at least CZK 1. 
  • Cooperatives are formed by at least 5 members or at least 2 legal entities to undertake business for the economic or social benefit of their members. The minimum and maximum number of directors and shareholders depend on the type of company. A legal entity can become a member of the management board, but a specific (natural) person who is acting on behalf of this legal entity must be listed in the commercial register. 
  • Cooperatives are also subject to have Articles of incorporation and Memorandum of Association which can be drafted by Tetra Consultants for you.   
  • Our team at Tetra Consultants provide our clients with the satisfactory services needed by our clients. After engaging with our team, you can dedicate your time to some other important work, meanwhile we will be registering your company on your behalf.  

Sole proprietorship 

  • The easiest and quickest company to set up is sole proprietorship. The company structure is owned and managed by one individual on a self-employed basis. According to the Trade License Act, an individual can officially begin their business as a sole proprietor after they turn 18 years old. 
  • Further, there is no distinction between the company’s financial resources and those of the proprietor in Czech companies.  
  • With Tetra Consultants, you can get satisfactory compliance services about accounting and tax obligations which will be extremely helpful for your business. Moreover, operating a sole proprietorship also requires various financial licenses which can be obtained with the help of the Tetra Consultants through ours offshore financial license services 


  • Putting all together, beginning business in the Czech Republic is a wonderful opportunity because of the economic growth of the country along with its convenient location for import and export. It also creates great opportunities for those entrepreneurs and investors who wish to expand their business and investments in the Czech Republic. This makes the place much more appealing to foreign entities to set their business in the Czech Republic. 
  • You can register company in Czech Republic with much easiness by engaging with Tetra Consultants. We provide a wide range of business services such as offshore financial licenses, offshore company incorporation, nominee director and shareholder services, corporate bank account opening and regulatory compliance consulting services.  
  • Contact us for more information about the incorporation process in the Czech Republic and our team will revert to you within the next 24 hours. 

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