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Unlock your pathway for a Japan Business Manager Visa with Tetra Consultants, we specialize in Japan Business Manager Visa applications, offering seamless processing and expert guidance. From document preparation to submission, trust us to navigate the process efficiently. Contact us today for hassle-free visa assistance and start your business journey in Japan. 

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    Japan Business Manager Visa 

    • Unlock your gateway to Japan’s business landscape with the Japan Business Manager Visa, tailored for individuals aspiring to take on managerial or administrative roles within the country, including entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business. This visa offers the opportunity for permanent residence after 3 years and potential citizenship after 5 years of residency. It grants flexibility in business operations and allows self-sponsorship as a business manager.  
    • The application process, overseen by Tetra Consultants, ensures meticulous attention to detail, from document preparation to business plan submission. Holders are entrusted with responsibilities such as regular reporting and compliance with Japanese regulations. Initially, the visa may be issued for periods of 3 months, 4 months, 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years, with renewal options of 1, 3, or 5 years, contingent on business progress. Let Tetra Consultants guide you through this strategic visa pathway to success in Japan’s dynamic business environment. Tetra Consultants provide diverse services including: 

    What is a Business Manager Visa in Japan? 

    • The Japan Business Manager Visa is designed for individuals aspiring to take on managerial or administrative roles within Japan’s business landscape. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to establish a business, an experienced manager, or someone eager to oversee business operations in Japan, this visa serves as your gateway to success. Entrepreneurs can sponsor themselves as managers of their businesses to obtain this visa after incorporating their companies. If you arrive in Japan with a Startup Visa, your next step should be to transition to a Business Manager Visa. During the one-year Startup Visa period, fulfilling the requirements for a Business Manager Visa is essential. Switching to this visa allows you to officially stay in Japan as a business manager for an extended period. 

    When do you need a Japan Business Manager Visa? 

    • Obtaining a Japan Business Manager Visa is imperative for individuals assuming pivotal roles within companies or businesses operating in Japan.  

    Representative director or similar position:  

    • If you hold the position of a representative director or an equivalent role in a Japanese company, the Business Manager Visa is essential. This visa validates your eligibility to legally work and manage operations within the company. 

    Established business in Japan:  

    • Entrepreneurs who have established their businesses in Japan need the Business Manager Visa to oversee and administrate their companies effectively. This visa ensures compliance with Japanese regulations while managing business operations. 

    Administrator of an existing company:  

    • Individuals serving as administrators of existing companies in Japan must possess the Business Manager Visa if they are actively involved in managing or administrating the company. This visa confirms their legal authorization to oversee the company’s activities. 
    • The Japan Business Manager Visa is indispensable for individuals holding managerial or administrative positions within Japanese companies or businesses. Whether as a representative director, entrepreneur, or administrator, this visa is a prerequisite for legally conducting business activities and ensuring compliance with Japanese laws and regulations. 

    Advantages of Japan Business Manager Visa 


    Extended stay 

    • Japan’s Business Manager Visa offers international professionals and entrepreneurs an invaluable advantage: an extended stay in the country. This extended residency period is pivotal for fostering continuous business operations and facilitating sustained growth and development. With ample time to establish themselves within Japan’s vibrant business landscape, visa holders can forge long-lasting relationships, explore market opportunities, and implement strategic initiatives with confidence, positioning themselves for success in the dynamic Japanese market. 

    Gateway to Japanese market 

    • Holding a Business Manager Visa provides more than just legal permission to reside in Japan; it serves as a gateway to one of the world’s most influential and dynamic markets. This visa facilitates direct access for individuals to explore and capitalize on the plethora of business opportunities within Japan’s bustling economic landscape. With its advanced infrastructure, innovative industries, and robust consumer base, Japan offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurs and professionals to thrive. By leveraging the Business Manager Visa, individuals can navigate regulatory frameworks, build strategic partnerships, and tap into the vast potential of this significant economic hub, positioning themselves for success in the global marketplace. 


    • The Business Manager Visa stands out for its unparalleled flexibility in facilitating business operations compared to other visa categories. Visa holders benefit from the ability to swiftly adjust and adapt their strategies in alignment with changing market dynamics.  
    • This agility empowers entrepreneurs and professionals to maintain competitiveness and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Whether navigating regulatory changes or responding to shifting consumer demands, the Business Manager Visa provides a solid foundation for businesses to thrive amidst evolving conditions, fostering innovation and sustainable growth in Japan’s dynamic marketplace. 


    • The Business Manager Visa offers abundant networking opportunities for individuals in Japan. Visa holders can connect with local businesses, industry leaders, and professionals, fostering valuable collaborations, partnerships, and industry insights. This networking potential is invaluable for building strong professional relationships, gaining market knowledge, and accessing resources to support business growth.  
    • By engaging with diverse stakeholders in Japan’s business ecosystem, visa holders can expand their networks, exchange ideas, and forge strategic alliances that drive innovation and success in their ventures. This aspect of the Business Manager Visa enhances the overall business experience and contributes to long-term success in Japan’s dynamic marketplace. 

    How much time does it require to obtain Business Manager Visa in Japan? 

    • At Tetra Consultants, we understand that obtaining a Business Manager Visa in Japan is crucial for your business endeavors. The process typically takes 4 to 5 months, subject to the approval of the Japan Immigration Bureau. While the overall timeline is subject to immigration bureau approval and may vary, rest assured, Tetra Consultants streamlines the process for you. Additionally, our corporate bank account opening services expedite your business setup. With our assistance, you can expect to have a fully functional business bank account within 4 weeks after incorporation, ensuring smooth operations from the start. Trust Tetra Consultants for efficient visa processing and comprehensive business setup support in Japan. 

    Japan Business Manager Visa requirements 

    • Certificate of Eligibility, issued before a visa application by a regional immigration authority under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice as evidence that the foreign national meets the conditions for landing in Japan. 
    • Evidence of the applicant’s activity and position in Japan and previous experience of the business manager.  
    • Curriculum Vitae with professional references, certification of Annual Salary, employment contract (if applicable), 3 years’ experience on business management (if hired as a manager) 
    • Evidence of business size and activity, website, certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, business plan, financial statement (if applicable), notification of salary payment office filed to Tax office (if applicable), withholding tax payment slip (if applicable). 
    • Evidence of office space in Japan, rent contract or certificate of real estate or photos of the nameplate, mailbox, or any other evidence. 
    • All documents in foreign languages must be duly translated to Japanese. 

    Business requirements: 

    • The company’s paid-up capital must be at least JPY5,000,000. 
    • Company must have an office space in Japan. 
    • The business plan must be approved by the relevant authorities. 
    • Applicant must have enough salary/income to live independently in Japan. 
    • Hire at least one full-time employee who is either a Japanese national, a permanent resident, a spouse or child of a Japanese national, a spouse or child of a permanent resident, or a foreign national with a long-term visa. 

    Documents required for Japan Business Manager Visa 

    • Certificate of Registered Matters (Certificate of Incorporation). 
    • Copy of the Articles of Incorporation. 
    • Copy of the shareholder list. 
    • Copy of the notification of incorporation sent to tax office, municipality, and prefecture. 
    • Business plan.
    • Documentation demonstrating the company’s ability to engage in stable business negotiations. 
    • Copy of the lease agreement for the corporate office. 
    • Photographs of the corporate office. 
    • Documentation verifying the source of capital for businesses with capital of 5 million yen or more. 
    • Documentation listing employees’ nationalities, residence card numbers, salaries, etc., for businesses with two or more full-time employees. 
    • Copy of the minutes of the general meeting where directors’ remuneration was decided. 
    • Business licenses (if applicable). 

    Procedure to obtain a Japan Business Manager Visa 

    Procedure to obtain a Japan Business Manager Visa 

    Step 1: Secure a registered office 

    • To facilitate smooth incorporation, secure a business office in your name beforehand, as a business address is a prerequisite. Tetra Consultants offer registered office address services, ensuring compliance with incorporation requirements. Once the company establishment is finalized, we assist in transitioning the contract name to the corporation’s name. Trust Tetra Consultants to handle the logistics, ensuring seamless compliance with regulatory procedures and facilitating a hassle-free incorporation process for your business in Japan. 

    Step 2: Incorporate a company 

    • Incorporation of the company will require various steps. First Tetra Consultants will proceed with the drafting and preparation of Articles of Incorporation (Teikan), ensuring they accurately reflect your company’s structure and operations. Our expert team then assists in obtaining certification from a notary public to validate the articles’ authenticity. Finally, we handle the registration of your company at the Legal Affairs Bureau in your region, ensuring compliance with local regulations. With Tetra Consultants by your side, you can trust our comprehensive services to streamline the establishment of your business, allowing you to focus on its growth and success. Moreover, Tetra Consultants can also assist you with offshore company incorporation ensuring a smooth and efficient establishment process for your business. 

    Step 3: Notify the commencement of the business 

    • Tetra Consultants emphasizes the importance of notifying the Tax Office, municipality, and prefecture upon establishing your corporation. This crucial step ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. When applying for a Business Manager Visa, we guide you through the process, assisting in preparing and submitting copies of the notification documents to the Immigration Bureau. Our comprehensive support ensures seamless compliance with all necessary procedures, allowing you to navigate the visa application process confidently. 

    Step 4: Open a business bank account 

    • We simplify the process of opening a business bank account for your company. Our corporate bank account opening services ensure a fully functional bank account within 4 weeks after incorporation. With our expertise, we guide you through every step, from gathering necessary documentation to liaising with banks on your behalf. 

    Step 5: Obtain a license 

    • Tetra Consultants streamlines the licensing process for your business needs. Whether it is public health centers, police stations, tax offices, or prefectural governments, we handle the application procedures efficiently. With our expertise, we ensure compliance and facilitate the acquisition of necessary licenses. Additionally, Tetra Consultants specializes in providing offshore financial licenses, ensuring your business operations meet regulatory requirements with ease. 

    Step 6: Change the name on the contract of the company’s head office to that of the company 

    • Tetra Consultants facilitates the transition of the contracted office, initially registered under your name, to the name of your corporation. This crucial step ensures alignment with legal and regulatory requirements for your business entity. With our assistance, the office name change process is conducted seamlessly, allowing your corporation to operate in full compliance with established protocols. 

    Step 7: Apply for permission to change your status of residence to the business manager 

    • Tetra Consultants assists you in applying for permission to change your current residential status to the Business Manager Visa. By meticulously preparing and submitting the required application documents, we streamline the process for you. While the examination of submitted documents typically takes about a month, occasional delays may occur. Rest assured, Tetra Consultants ensures thorough attention to detail throughout the process, facilitating a smooth transition to your desired visa status. 

    Step 8: Receive a certificate of eligibility and change your status of residence  

    • Upon acceptance of your application, Tetra Consultants facilitates the official commencement of your business operations. At this stage, the duration of your initial stay will be determined, marking the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey in Japan. 

    Renewal of Japan Business Manager Visa 

    • Tetra Consultants specializes in guiding you through the smooth renewal process for your Japan Business Manager Visa. With our expertise, we ensure timely submission to the relevant Immigration Bureau, allowing for applications up to three months before expiration. Our experienced team meticulously evaluates your business’s performance, considering factors such as gross profit and debt, to guarantee a successful renewal. Depending on your business’s status, we secure renewals that grant stays of two or three years at a time. 

    Application documents necessary for renewal 

    • Recent photograph (4 cm x 3 cm), taken within the last 3 months. 
    • Comprehensive list of statutory income tax withholding statements from the previous year, authenticated by the tax office seal.
    • Certificate of inhabitant tax payment for the most recent fiscal year, issued by the municipal office. 
    • Certificate of residential tax payment for the most recent fiscal year, provided by the municipal office. 
    • Declaration of the annual investment amount. 
    • Inventory of shareholders. 
    • Copy of the company’s bank passbook. 
    • Statement outlining reasons for renewal, which may include the company’s history, major clients from the past year, or future business prospects. 

    Reporting obligations of Business Manager Visa in Japan 

    • There are numerous responsibilities and obligations for Business Manager Visa holder in Japan which are as follows: 

    Regular reporting 

    • Regular reporting is a key responsibility for holders of the Business Manager Visa in Japan. They are required to submit periodic reports to Japanese authorities, detailing their business activities. This ensures transparency and compliance with regulations, allowing authorities to monitor the visa holder’s business operations and verify their adherence to legal requirements. Fulfilling this obligation demonstrates commitment to regulatory compliance and strengthens the visa holder’s standing within the Japanese business community. 


    • Ensuring compliance with Japanese laws and regulations, especially those concerning business operations, is essential for holders of the Business Manager Visa. This commitment to legal adherence not only maintains their legal standing but also upholds integrity within the Japanese business environment. By following regulations meticulously, visa holders demonstrate their dedication to operating ethically and responsibly, fostering trust and credibility with stakeholders. Compliance serves as a cornerstone for sustainable business practices and contributes to a positive reputation in the Japanese market. 

    Renewal process 

    • Managing the renewal process is a critical responsibility for holders of the Business Manager Visa in Japan. Proactive attention to meeting all renewal criteria ensures a smooth extension process, allowing uninterrupted business operations in the country. By staying ahead of renewal deadlines and fulfilling necessary requirements, visa holders can navigate the process seamlessly, maintaining their legal status and enabling continued engagement in business activities within Japan. This proactive approach demonstrates commitment to compliance and professionalism, reinforcing the visa holder’s credibility and reliability in the Japanese business community. 

    Changes in operation 

    • Promptly communicating significant changes in business operations is imperative for holders of the Business Manager Visa in Japan. Whether it is mergers, industry shifts, or other substantial alterations, timely notification to authorities is crucial. This ensures regulatory compliance and transparency, allowing relevant agencies to assess the impact of changes and ensure continued adherence to laws and regulations. By promptly reporting changes, visa holders demonstrate a commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency, fostering trust and maintaining integrity within the Japanese business environment. This proactive approach safeguards against potential legal issues and reinforces the visa holder’s credibility and reliability. 

    What is the difference between a work permit and a Business Manager Visa in Japan? 

    • Business Manager Visa in Japan differs significantly from other work permits in Japan as it specifically targets individuals aiming to initiate or manage a business in the country. Unlike standard work visas, the Business Manager Visa grants eligibility for employment to individuals engaged in the management and operational aspects of a business.  
    • This visa stands out due to its focus on facilitating entrepreneurial endeavors, whether it involves starting a new business venture, overseeing an existing one, or managing a business on behalf of others. Its unique emphasis on business management sets it apart from other work permits, aligning with the diverse needs of individuals seeking to establish themselves in Japan’s dynamic business landscape. 

    Common challenges in acquiring a Japan Business Manager Visa and how to overcome them? 

    • While the Business Manager Visa offers a pathway to business opportunities in Japan, applicants often face various challenges which are as follows: 


    • Navigating documentation requirements can be overwhelming. It is essential to ensure accuracy and currency. Tetra Consultants can assist by meticulously preparing and reviewing all documents, ensuring compliance with relevant laws through expert legal drafting. Trust us to handle the intricacies, providing peace of mind and ensuring a smooth process for your business endeavors in Japan. 

     Language barrier: 

    • Language barriers can pose challenges during the application process, especially if Japanese fluency is lacking. Tetra Consultants offer comprehensive support, our team ensures accurate communication by facilitating translation of all necessary documents, ensuring a seamless application process regardless of language proficiency. We at Tetra Consultants try to bridge the language gap, ensuring your application is accurately and effectively communicated to relevant authorities, streamlining your business establishment in Japan. 

    Local regulation understanding: 

    • Navigating Japan’s unique business regulations can be unfamiliar territory. Tetra Consultants offer tailored guidance, ensuring understanding and compliance with local regulations. Our expertise and local knowledge provide valuable insights, eliminating uncertainties and facilitating seamless adaptation to Japanese business practices. Trust Tetra Consultants to bridge the gap between your existing knowledge and Japan’s regulatory landscape, empowering you to confidently navigate the intricacies of establishing and operating your business in Japan. 

    Looking to obtain Japan business management visa 

    • Acquiring a Japan Business Manager Visa is a pivotal step towards realizing your entrepreneurial ambitions in Japan’s dynamic business landscape. With Tetra Consultants by your side, navigating the intricacies of the visa application process becomes effortless. Beyond visa applications, we offer a comprehensive suite of services including name reservation, international trademark registration, expert legal drafting, and more. Trust Tetra Consultants to be your trusted partner in establishing and growing your business ventures in Japan. 
    • Contact us to know more about a Japan Business Manager Visa. Our experts will revert back in 24 hours. 


    What is a Japan Business Manager Visa, and who is eligible to apply?

    • A Japan Business Manager Visa is a type of work visa that allows individuals to undertake managerial or administrative roles within Japan. Eligible applicants include entrepreneurs starting a business in Japan, managers of existing businesses, and individuals managing businesses on behalf of others. 

    Can I apply for a Japan Business Manager Visa while residing outside of Japan?

    • Yes, applicants can apply for a Japan Business Manager Visa from abroad through the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate. Or if you are looking for a seamless process, Tetra Consultants can help you with the same.

    Can a Business Manager Visa be extended beyond its expiration date?

    • Yes, the resident may apply for an extension prior to the visa’s expiration date, provided that all requirements are still met. There is no limit on the number of extensions permitted.

    What is the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional status of residence, and how is it obtained?

    • The Highly Skilled Foreign Professional status is granted to immigrants who have scored at least 70 points in their Immigration scorecard, based on professional qualifications, education level, and annual salary. This status of residence has a validity of 5 years and allows for the application for permanent residence after 3 years.

    How long is a Business Manager Visa typically granted for?

    • A Business Manager Visa is usually granted for a duration of one year.

    What factors does the Immigration Office consider when reviewing a Business Manager Visa application?

    • The Immigration Office evaluates factors such as the stability and credibility of the business, the balance of predictable profit and loss, the number of employees, and the type of business, among others. 

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