Japan Corporate Bank Account Opening Service

Tetra Consultants provides our international clients with Japan corporate bank account opening service for their newly-established Japan companies. After understanding more about your business, our team of experts will advise on suitable banks which you may wish to consider. Tetra Consultants works with both local Japanese and international banks.

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    Japan corporate bank account opening

    Tetra Consultants assists our international clients with Japan corporate bank account opening for their newly-established companies. Over the years, we have established working relationships with a wide network of reputable global banks with good internet banking facilities. As such, our banking experts are familiar with the different requirements and expectations of each bank.


    • For reputable Japanese banks such as Mizuho, SMBC or MUFG, they require you to send a representative for a face to face meeting in the local bank branch. The interview is held in Japanese and it usually involves multiple rounds of interviews at a local branch before the relationship officer submits the application to the compliance team.
    • Tetra Consultants recommends you to temporarily appoint our local Japanese-speaking nominee director. After fully understanding your business’ corporate structure and intended business activity, our nominee director will assist to attend the bank interviews with multiple banks.
    • In addition, Japanese banks usually require you to submit translated identification documents. To prevent engagement delay, our nominee director will act on your company’s behalf after signing power of attorney prepared by Tetra Consultants legal team.

    Timeline to open Japan corporate bank account

    • Tetra Consultants aims to complete Japan corporate bank account opening within 5 weeks.  This is achieved through a systematic methodology that has worked for us over the years. We will prepare a comprehensive business plan for your business and translate it into Japanese. Thereafter, we will contact multiple Japanese banks and present the case to the relationship officer in Japanese.

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