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Tetra Consultants assist our international clients to register company in UK. Our service package includes UK company formation, opening UK or international corporate bank accounts and financial license application. Tetra Consultants is the one-stop solution for you to legally start business in the UK.

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    Register company in UK

    To register company in the UK is hassle-free, if you know how. With Tetra Consultants at the wheel, you will be able to dedicate your time and resources into other more important business channels. With our lean-and-mean mentality, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you a seamless experience throughout the whole process of company registration in UK. Our ultimate goal is for your UK company to be operationally ready within the stipulated time frame. Our service package includes everything you will require to open company in UK:

    • Company registration with UK Companies House
    • Local company secretary and registered address
    • Opening local or international corporate bank account
    • License applications (if required)
    • Annual accounting and tax services

    How much time does it take to open a company in UK?

    • Tetra Consultants will complete the process to register company in UK within 2 business days. After receiving required due diligence documents and information of the directors and shareholders, Tetra Consultants will search online for the availability of your preferred company name and prepare the required incorporation documents. Throughout the process to form a company online, you will not be required to travel to the UK itself.
    • After Tetra Consultants has register company in UK, you can expect to receive the documents of your new company including certificate of formation, memorandum & articles of association as well as register of directors and shareholders. These documents will be in electronic copies and if required, Tetra Consultants will assist you to have them notarized and legalized.
    • Within 4 weeks upon company formation, Tetra Consultants will open a corporate bank account either a local or international reputable bank. In recent months, UK banks have become increasingly reluctant to open corporate bank accounts for UK companies with no local directors, customers or suppliers.
    • Consequently, you can expect your company to be fully operational and be able to issue invoices within 5 weeks upon engaging Tetra Consultants. If you are keen to know more about setting up business in the UK, Tetra Consultants has prepared a step by step explanation of what to expect.

    What types of business structures are there to register company in UK?

    UK is ranked 6th largest economy in the world with a population of more than 66 million people, allowing even small markets to be profitable. In addition, it also has a diversified economy with both large public and private sectors. The UK offers many different types of business entities for you to choose from. This includes Limited Liability Company, Public Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership Before we proceed to register company in UK, Tetra Consultants will fully understand your business model and recommend the most suitable business entity to meet your long term business needs. You will be advised on tax obligations, minimum requirements, timeframe as well as potential personal liability. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    • If you are looking to register company in UK, Tetra Consultants will recommend you to set up a limited liability company. This is the most common business entity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and is suitable for most business activities.
    • A UK limited liability company is a separate legal entity and its shareholders will not be personally liable to the company’s liabilities and debts. A limited liability company is subject to corporate income tax rate of 19% and is required to file annual financial statements.
    • According to UK Companies House, setting up a limited liability company can be done with minimal requirements:
      • 1 shareholders of any nationality
      • 1 director of any nationality
      • UK registered office address
      • No minimum paid up capital
    • If you are looking to register company in UK to conduct business in the field of financial services, you will require specific licenses. Depending on the license you require, you will be subject to respective additional requirements, such as higher capital requirement or local economic substance.

    Public Limited Company (PLC)

    • If you are planning to raise capital by issuing shares through Initial Public Offering (IPO) or shares issuance, Tetra Consultants will recommend you to consider setting up a Public LImited Company (PLC). With a PLC, you will be able to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.
    • According to UK Companies House, a public limited company can be registered with minimal requirements:
      • 2 directors of any nationalities
      • 2 shareholders of any nationalities
      • UK registered office address
      • Qualified company secretary
      • Minimum capital of £50,000 of which a 25% is required to be paid up capital

    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    • If you are looking to open company in UK with 2 or more members, you may wish to consider registering a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). A member can be a person or a company, known as a ‘corporate member’.
    • You should ensure that an agreement is drafted and agreed with other members prior to setting up the UK LLP. This agreement will set out how the LLP will be run. Some terms and conditions that should be included in the agreement include profit-sharing, decision making protocol, responsibilities of each member and how to enter and exit the partnership.
    • It is essential to have this partnership agreement sorted out prior to company formation to prevent future miscommunication. If you expect the annual sales of your LLP to exceed £85,000, Tetra Consultants will assist you to register for Value Added Tax (VAT).
    • According to UK Companies House, a Limited Liability Partnership can be registered with minimal requirements:
      • 2 members of any nationalities
      • A comprehensive LLP agreement that clearly states how the LLP will be run
      • UK registered office address
      • Name of company must end in “Limited Liability Partnership” or “LLP”
    • Tetra Consultants will recommend you to set up a LLP if you are planning to set up a local law firm or accounting firm or audit firm. Otherwise, LLC will be the go-to option.

    Branch Office

    • A branch office is an extension of the parent company and can only conduct business activities in the UK similar to that of the parent company. As such, the parent company is fully accounted for all liabilities incurred by the UK branch office.
    • In addition, It is mandatory for the parent company to appoint a local registered agent/secretary. Nonetheless, establishing a UK branch is straightforward and there are minimal requirements to be met.

    Representative Office

    • Representative office is meant for foreign investors who do not intend to carry out business in the UK. As such, they are only allowed to conduct limited and non-commercial activities such as market research and marketing activities on behalf of their parent company.
    • Hence representative office is a popular choice for foreign investors who are planning to promote their presence, as well as seeking to explore the potential market before settling for the UK.

    How to register company in UK?


    In order to register company in UK, we advise you to follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Choose a suitable business structure

    • There are various forms of business structures available in the UK to choose from including the following:
      • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
      • Public Limited Company (PLC)
      • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
      • Branch Office
      • Representative Office
      • Sole Trader
    • Tetra Consultants’ team of experts will first fully understand your unique business model, needs, and goals, before recommending the most optimal business structure for you. The private limited company registration tends to be most popular with our foreign clients since it offers ease of incorporation and liability protection.
    • Prior to UK company formation, you will be advised on the optimum paid up share capital, company structure, legislations and whether there is a need to apply for any licenses to operate.

    Step 2: Reservation of company name 

    • After your company submits a unique business name, Tetra Consultants will reserve your preferred company name online with the UK Companies House.

    Step 3: Preparation of supporting documents

    • Before Tetra Consultants can move to register company in UK, you are required to provide a list of required KYC documents. Some of these documents include the names of directors and identification proof.
    • Upon receiving all the necessary documents, Tetra Consultants will proceed to draft and notarize the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    • According to the business activity and company structure, Tetra Consultants will also draft articles of incorporation, business plan and other incorporation documents.

    Step 4: Filing for registration 

    • Tetra Consultants will then proceed to file for registration with the UK Companies House.
    • After receiving approval, Tetra Consultants will courier the company registration certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association and other documents to your preferred address.
    • If needed, Tetra Consultants will also assist your new business in registering for VAT, PAYE and other tax considerations with the UK tax authority, the HM Revenue & Considerations. Within 1 week, Tetra Consultants will provide our international clients with the tax numbers.

    Step 5: Corporate bank account opening

    • After registration, Tetra Consultants will assist you in opening a corporate bank account. Our team has established partnerships with multiple reputable banks in both the UK and globally. We will present your business to each relationship manager and compliance team.
    • Over recent months, UK banks have become stricter in terms of the bank account opening requirements. Most UK banks require your UK company to have appointed a UK director and have local substances such as physical office or customers or suppliers.
    • If you are planning to conduct offshore business with your UK company, Tetra Consultants will recommend you to open a business bank account with overseas reputable banks. As much as possible, you will not be required to travel overseas for the bank account opening process.
    • Typically, the account opening will take roughly 4 weeks. In most cases, the directors and shareholders are not required to travel. However, if travel is required, we will have a representative accompany you to the bank meeting. Alternatively, our team will negotiate with the banks to conduct a conference call instead or to request a waiver.
    • Once your account has been successfully opened, Tetra Consultants will courier the internet banking token and access codes to your preferred service address.

    Step 6: Financial reporting and taxation obligations 

    • Tetra Consultants will continue to provide you with the necessary accounting and tax services and support to ensure that you can continue to legally conduct business while staying compliant with regulatory obligations.
    • Our team of dedicated consultants will prepare your firm’s financial statement, corporate tax returns and manage bookkeeping on your behalf.
    • In accordance to the requirements of the Companies Act 2006, annual filing needs to be done within 9 months after the accounting reference period for private UK businesses ends. On the other hand, it must be completed within half a year for public UK firms.
    • Our team of dedicated consultants will continue to clarify any doubts you may have with regard to your company’s obligations.
    • Tetra Consultants will also secure a UK work permit for you if you plan to be physically present and working in the UK.

    Bank account opening UK company registration 

    • Securing a business bank account is paramount for enterprises operating in the UK. It signifies a professional and organized approach to financial matters. It ensures compliance with regulatory standards. A dedicated business account separates personal and business finances. This provides transparency and facilitates accurate financial record-keeping. 
    • Tetra Consultants takes pride in offering expert corporate bank account opening services. Businesses seeking financial functionality post-incorporation streamline the process. With our dedicated support, clients can get a business bank account. This process takes only 4 weeks from the company’s establishment. This efficient timeline ensures that businesses can access essential financial tools. It helps them manage their transactions and optimize their financial operations. 

    Types of business licenses to UK company registration 

    Personal license and a Premises license  

    • In the UK, both personal and premises licenses are essential for alcohol sales and supply. The local licensing authority grants the personal license. This license permits an individual to sell or approve the sale of alcohol. To qualify, one must complete the APLH course, be at least 18 years old, and have the right to live and work in the UK. 
    • This is sought by those in the hospitality industry. The personal license empowers holders to oversee alcohol sales at licensed premises. The premises license is vital for any location engaging in licensable activities. It allows the use of diverse premises for such activities.  

    Financial licenses  

    • Certain financial operations, like lending money, need legal authorization. This process is overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA plays a pivotal role in regulating various financial activities. Engaging in lending money requires obtaining FCA authorization. This stringent oversight ensures businesses offer credit or financing. They must adhere to the FCA’s at least standards too. This includes maintaining a suitable business model. Being managed by individuals deemed fit and proper by the FCA is also part of the process. This ensures the safeguarding of consumer interests and financial integrity. Moreover, with Tetra Consultants you can avail services such as offshore financial licenses for obtaining offshore financial licenses seamlessly. 

    Music license  

    • Securing a music license is imperative for both businesses and individuals. This applies to playing copyrighted music in public or on commercial premises. PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and PRS (Performing Rights Society) have collaborated. This collaboration resulted in the establishment of PPL PRS Ltd. The need for a music license arises when playing recorded music. It also applies to staging or live or recorded music in theatrical productions. 
    • These costs vary based on various factors. PRS for Music licenses start at approximately sterling £100 per year. PPL licenses can range up to sterling £350 yearly, contingent on business type and size. Tetra Consultants help with obtaining the requisite music license. This ensures proper documentation for the use of music in public or commercial. The aim is to achieve seamless compliance and avoid copyright infringement.  

    Accounting and tax obligations  

    • Managing accounting and tax obligations is integral to a business’s financial health. Outsourcing these functions not only ensures compliance but also reduces overhead costs. Tetra Consultants offers expert services, handling all accounting and tax obligations. 
    • Outsourcing allows businesses to concentrate on core activities. Professionals navigate complex tax codes and financial reporting requirements. Timely and accurate submissions are crucial to avoid penalties and maintain financial transparency. Tetra Consultants ensure the fulfilment of all accounting and tax obligations within time. This enables businesses to operate while optimizing cost-effectiveness. 

    Accounting obligations  

    Annual accounts:   

    • Every type of company must submit annual accounts to Companies House. This essential financial documentation provides a snapshot of a company’s fiscal health. It is crucial for regulatory compliance.  

    Accounting Records:   

    • Private companies keep accounting records for at least 3 years. While public companies keep accounting record for 6 years. This ensures transparency in financial dealings and facilitates audits when necessary.  

    Company tax returns:  

    • Companies must prepare and submit Company Tax Returns (CT600) to HMRC. This includes full statutory accounts. It fulfills legal tax obligations and provides a comprehensive financial overview.  

    Confirmation Statement:   

    • The company compiles an annual Confirmation Statement for Companies House. This statement presents vital information about the company and its controllers. This statement reaffirms the accuracy of the registered details, fostering transparency and accountability.  

    Tax obligations  

    Corporation Tax:   

    • Limited companies must register and pay corporation tax on all taxable income. Online completion characterizes this registration. The corporate tax rate in the UK is currently 25% for all limited companies. his rate applies to companies with profits above £250,000. For companies with profits below £250,000, a small profits rate of 19% is applicable. It often occurs with the company’s registration with Companies House. It ensures a streamlined process for tax compliance. It is a legal obligation for companies. They must contribute a part of their profits as corporation tax. This supports public services and infrastructure. 

    VAT Registration:   

    • Companies exceeding the annual taxable turnover threshold must register for VAT. This registration enables the company to collect and remit VAT on its goods and services. It contributes to the broader taxation system and ensures adherence to fiscal regulations. 
    • The standard VAT rate in the UK is 20% for most goods and services, with certain exceptions such as domestic fuel and power, which are subject to VAT at 5%. Additionally, certain small traders with a limited range of expenses may compute VAT at a sector-specific flat rate. If the value of taxable supplies is over a specified limit, registration for VAT is compulsory, unless the taxable supplies made are wholly or mainly zero-rated, in which case it is possible to apply for exemption from registration. 

    Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR):   

    • Upon successful registration, the company receives a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) from HMRC. This distinctive identifier is crucial for all tax-related interactions and communications with HMRC. It ensures accurate tracking of the company’s tax obligations. Also, facilitates a transparent and accountable taxation process.  

    Documents required to UK company registration 

    • To register a company in the UK, you need to submit specific documents. This ensures compliance with legal regulations. While the list below is a general overview, the actual requirements may vary. The type of company and its activities determine the requirements. Tetra Consultants offers expert aid in navigating the document submission process. This ensures smooth and efficient registration. 
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association  
    • Certificate of incorporation  
    • Statutory declaration of compliance  
    • Declaration of solvency  
    • The registered office address   
    • Details of the directors  
    • Details of the shareholders  
    • The share capital information and the prescribed peculiars 
    • Details about those with significant control over the company  
    • Notarized copies of identification documents of shareholders and directors. 

    Why choose to register company in UK?

    Before you proceed with the company registration in UK, it is important to understand the business landscape of the jurisdiction. This is to ensure that your newly established entity will be able to safely and legally conduct business, while striving towards your long-term business goals.  Political

    • According to the Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International, the UK is ranked 12th least corrupt country worldwide.
    • UK is a permanent member of the United Nation, a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and a member of G8. As such, the UK holds significant influence over global issues such as economic, as well as political, cultural, military and scientific affairs.
    • When the UK leaves the EU, they may be placed in a better position to face global events and market shifts. The UK will have more control over its own laws and regulations, resulting in higher response time in introducing new economic policies.


    • According to the Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum, the UK was awarded a score of 81.20%. As such, the UK is ranked the 9th most competitive economy in the world.
    • According to the latest annual ratings given by the World Bank, UK is ranked 6th largest economy in the world and 20th highest in terms of GDP per capita.
    • The UK government announced that the corporate tax rate for financial years starting 1 April 2020 and 2021 will remain at 19%.


    • The UK possesses a literacy rate of 99%. In addition, English is the country’s official language. You will not face any communication barriers when speaking to local government authorities or bankers or when trying to read corporate or legal documents.
    • The UK has a population of close to 67 million people. The Labour Force Participation Rate of 79.8%, out of which a majority of them are high skilled workers with excellent proficiency in English.


    • The UK is home to many electronic money and payment institutions. These companies are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates more than 59,000 financial services firms.


    • According to the latest annual ratings given by the World Bank, the UK is ranked 8th in terms of ease of doing business. This is because of the straightforward company formation process, allowing UK companies to be registered within 1 business day.
    • You are not required to appoint a local resident director when registering a UK company. However, UK banks will usually require a local director before opening corporate bank account for your business.


    • According to the Environment Performance Index, UK is ranked 6th in the world.

    Looking to register company in UK?

    • Tetra Consultants will be your one-stop solution for you to register company in UK. Our services include company formation, registered agent, registered address, and business bank account opening.
    • Contact us to find out more about how to register company in UK. Our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours.

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