NigeriaKey Factors To Consider: NCC License Requirements for Broadcasting and Media in Nigeria

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  • Nigeria is Africa’s largest market and most populous country, with a multi-cultured diverse federation of 36 autonomous states and the Federal Capital Territory. The dynamic and constantly evolving spaces with states, private broadcasters and international brands make it an opportunity spot for many entrepreneurs by complying with NCC license requirements.  
  • The Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) is an association that oversees private and public broadcasters in Nigeria. It oversees monitoring the activities, coordination, and management of television, radio, and all media broadcasts in Nigeria. 
  • Nigeria has three broad types of operator licenses, an Individual License, Class License, and Unified License. It is worth noting that while the NCC uses the same terms (Individual and Class Licenses) as the South African regulator.  
  • The media and broadcasting business industry in Nigeria has a significant share in the economies of Nigeria which requires a  Nigeria Payments Service Provider License. However, the industry also faces some challenges with regard to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) laws which make it difficult for companies to monetarize their business in the industry. Moreover, the business sector also suffered the huge impact of COVID-19 which instigated lockdowns that eventually resulted in the downfall of many leading businesses in the industry and made them unable to pay salaries and downsizing because of the high cost of operations.  
  • Although the media and broadcasting have an ample number of opportunities because of their high reach, nowadays the trend of media is going away because of the digital transformation of services and social media.  
  • Despite all the challenges Nigeria has come up with huge scope of opportunities in the media and broadcasting industry. The establishments of film village, film commission, media and entertainment city, and park contribute to developing opportunities in the country.  
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 NCC license requirements 

  • To obtain the license from Nigerian Communications Commission NCC, there are various requirements which are subjected to the entities trying to obtain NCC license for telecommunication business and purposes. The specific requirement may vary depending on the type of license an entity is applying for, but here is a list of documents which are commonly required in all types of NCC licenses.  
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  • Moreover, Tetra Consultants also provide you with services regarding the drafting of the legal documentation of your company while adhering to all the rules and compliances.  

 The list of the NCC license requirement is as follows-  

  • An entity is subjected to submit a duly completed application form in the prescribed format 
  • A certificate of incorporation or the documents mentioning the details of the registered business name.  
  • The current tax clearance certificate 
  • A duly certified copy of Memorandum and Article of Association. 
  • The document showing the NCC receipt of payment of application form. 
  • The document presenting the company profile and organizational structure. 
  • The documents mentioning the business plan and feasibility study.  
  • Technical plan and network designing instruments. 
  • Documentation for proof of financial capability which includes financial statements or bank reference letters.  
  • Proof of experience in telecommunication industry, including details of previous projects and clients.  
  • Enironmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. 
  • Security clearance for the company’s directors and key personnel 
  • Interconnection agreement with other licensed operators, if applicable 
  • Spectrum allocation plan, if applicable 
  • Proof of compliance with the NCC’s guidelines and regulations 
  • In addition to these documents if your company requires a local director or shareholder requirement, Tetra Consultants can fulfill your requirements with our nominee director and shareholder services.  

 In addition to these documentation requirements there are a few licensing requirements also which must be done in prior. 

  • Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) License, if applicable. 
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the company. 
  • Country-specific certification for type approvals, as CE/FCC approval may not be sufficient. 

 If the operators are deploying networks using the license exempt frequencies, then they are subjected to submit details of each deployment to NCC which also includes following information: 

  • Equipment Serial Number 
  • Operators Name 
  • Frequency Band (GHz) 
  • Exact Frequency Range (GHz) 
  • Type Of Service (e.g., Internet Service, Backhaul Datalink, etc.) 
  • Deployed Architecture (P-P, P-MP) 
  • States Of Deployment 
  • Coverage Distance (meters) 
  • Site Co-ordinates (Decimal Degrees) 
  • Site Address 
  • Peak TX Power (dBm) 
  • Max. EIRP (dBm) 
  • Contact Person 
  • Contact Person Telephone 
  • Contact Person Email 

Key factors to consider while applying for NCC license 

  • The entity is required to register as a corporate body in Nigeria to comply with NCC requirements. Thus, it needs to be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) 
  • The applicant is subjected to comply with all the regulations and laws of the NCC’s guideline.  
  • The applicant must seek out the kind of license required for the business, so as to determine the specific requirement and procedures for the application process.  
  • The applicant might get influenced by the complexities of the procedure, hence can engage with Tetra Consultants to eliminate any kind of mistake that might lead to a delay in the license. 
  • If the applicant is applying for the class license, then the applicant must hire a qualified technical staff.  
  • Tetra Consultants have been supporting the companies through various services provided by us. The various other services include nominee director and shareholder services, regulatory compliance consulting services and many more services which will aid the businesses applying for NCC license. 


  • Obtaining an NCC license in Nigeria requires careful consideration of several key factors. These include compliance with NCC guidelines and regulations, completeness of the application, the type and complexity of the license being sought, proof of financial capability, experience in the telecommunications industry, interconnection agreements, security clearance, and environmental impact assessment. Additionally, the technical requirements for obtaining an NCC license may vary depending on the type of license being sought. It is important to consult the NCC’s guidelines and regulations for more information on the specific requirements for obtaining an NCC license. 
  • Securing a Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) License for a Nigeria Payments Service Provider (NPSP) can be a challenging endeavor if you’re not well-versed in the specific laws and regulations. Tetra Consultants specialize in guiding applicants through the process of obtaining an NCC license in Nigeria, allowing you to allocate your resources towards other vital aspects of your business. 
  • Our experienced consultants in licensing exhibit a high level of professionalism from the inception of the entity in the proposed jurisdiction to skillfully managing negotiations and interactions with regulatory and governmental authorities, ultimately resulting in the successful acquisition of the license. 
  • Contact us to find out more about NCC license requirements in Nigeria. Our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours. 

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