IrelandPros and Cons of Setting Up a Limited Company in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

October 6, 2023by Tetra Consultants0
  • Doing business in Ireland can be a very positive experience for many entrepreneurs and investors. Once you register company in Ireland, there are many benefits on the way after the incorporation takes place. There are many pros and cons of setting up a limited company in Ireland. The country is a welcoming place for many international businesses and also a great place to work and live in. Ireland offers a combination of highly educated, skilled, and flexible workforce which is a must for international business to grow and expand in the country. 
  • The business culture in Ireland has been very conservative but it is also known for its modesty and for the good sense of humor also. Many businesses in Ireland are family structured and owned. The competitive advantage that Ireland have to be an active member of the European Union, and its good relationships with many foreign countries make it a preferable choice for many international businesses to operate their business in Ireland. There are many benefits of operating businesses in Ireland and one of the main advantages of this would be the low corporate tax rate which is 12.5% which is the lowest in Europe which makes it a much more attractive proposition for entrepreneurs and investors alike.
  • Ireland provides a wide range of business support services and programs such as finance, mentorship opportunities, and professional training. These programs help start-ups and entrepreneurs in building their businesses and also help them to expand the reach of their businesses. For the formation of a limited liability partnership (LLP), the Irish government has made it mandatory for companies to register their partnerships, and comply with the form LP1 which is submitted to the Companies Registration Office (CRO), and the form is submitted along with the necessary documents of the company required alongside the fees. 
  • Tetra Consultants can help you with many business services and also set up LLP in Ireland which might be a hassle to you. We provide various ancillary services for setting up the businesses such as  offshore company incorporation, obtaining offshore financial licenses, corporate bank account opening, international trademark registration, and other ancillary services. Tetra Consultants have made it much easier to conduct business in Ireland through their services and assistance.

There are many pros and cons of setting up limited liability companies in Ireland. Some of these are listed down:

Pros of setting up a limited liability company in Ireland:

Limited liability

  • Setting up a limited liability company in Ireland provides shareholders with limited liability. It is a crucial benefit for the limited liability company as the shareholders or directors have limited liability and the personal assets including the home, and savings are excluded from the payment of liability. The debts incurred by the company are separate from the personal liabilities and assets which helps in providing financial security and also to mitigate personal risks. 

Tax reliefs and benefits for directors

  • There are various tax benefits and exemptions presented to the directors of limited liability company which benefit to minimize their personal tax liability. There are various pros and cons of setting up a limited liability company in Ireland but getting exemptions on tax which is not available for normal individuals operating as a sole or partnership company is one of the greatest advantages of it. The company qualifies for the corporation tax at 12.5% which is the lowest rate in Europe. 

Scope for financial planning

  • There is great scope in setting up a limited liability company in Ireland. It provides great flexibility and financial and salary planning opportunities to the directors. The directors can take advantage of pension schemes which are designed for company employees and are also beneficial for directors by allowing directors to contribute their retirement funds tax-efficiently. Thus, comparing the pros and cons of a limited liability company in Ireland it can be seen that the directors are using the tax schemes and regime for their personal financial planning which is helpful for their future. 

Increased Credibility

  • Being a limited liability company enhances the business’s credibility and professional image of the company. The suffix “ltd.” or “limited” signifies the legality of the company which enhances its recognition in the industry. Legal registration and recognition help in boosting the confidence and trust among the clients, customers, and potential business partners. 

Eligibility for governmental schemes and grants

  • The limited liability company in Ireland helps in increasing eligibility for government schemes, grants, and incentives. There are many specific supports and financial assistance programs available for limited liability company. These schemes provide access to funding, training, research, and development grants and permits to help the company to grow and expand. 

Cons of Setting up a limited liability company in Ireland  

There present a few cons of setting up a limited liability company in Ireland which are as follows: 

Cost of setting up

  • The various pros and cons of setting up a limited liability company include the expensive cost of setting up the company as a limited liability company. There are costs associated with the incorporation of a limited liability company which includes annual accounting compliance and bookkeeping services and also higher professional fees for legal and financial services. 

More corporate filing and deadlines

  • Limited liability companies are obligated to comply with corporate filings and deadlines. These filings include annual financial statements, annual returns, and many other statutory filings. 

Access to the public

  • One of the cons of operating as a limited liability company is that the public can access the company’s financial accounts. The Irish limited companies need to submit their account to the Irish Revenue Commissioners (Revenue) and the Companies Registration Office (CRO) which are then publicly available. This implies that the company’s financial performance and insights would be available to the shareholders, competitors, customers, and suppliers of the company. 

Lengthy setup procedure

  • When compared to other business structures, setting up a limited liability company is a much more complex process which is time-consuming and costly too if compared with the setting up of a sole proprietorship and partnership firm. 

Fiduciary duties of directors

  • Directors of the limited liability company have fiduciary responsibilities which are legally obligated to act in the favor of the company’s interest. This implies that directors have to prioritize the company’s interests over personal interests. Failure to fulfill the obligations might result in personal liability and potential legal consequences. 


  • The pros and cons of setting up a limited company in Ireland can be benefited and can vary depending upon the specific circumstances. Consulting with Tetra Consultants might help to outweigh the cons and also to put emphasis on the particular needs of the business while deciding on setting up in Irelnd. Thus, one need to choose business structure very carefully and must consider each pros and cons of that structure and decide the structure after the comparison to have a broader aspect of which business structure is suitable to your business.  
  • Contact us to know more about how to register a company in the Ireland our team of experts will revert within the next 24 hours. Tetra consultants provide services that help you with business growth and expansion and also provide seamless assistance to companies to expand business operations.

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